Carnival of activities!!!

90 Patients Seen In Our First Eye Clinic 

Greg Haskins, M.D. from Freemont, Nebraska, saw more than 90 patients in our first eye clinic held in January. At least 60% patients need cataract surgery or have glaucoma. Our team will follow up with the patients.  Dr. Haskins will return in the Fall to perform cataract surgeries. Over 60 patients received glasses donated by Restoring Vision.

Nursing Heart builds a new school kitchen 

     Mothers took turns cooking the snack for the kids over an open fire enclosed only by cornstalk walls. Now, thanks to the members of Nursing Heart, the school in the small village of El Quetzal has a new kitchen. The group raised the funds to build the kitchen and worked side by side with the local villagers on the construction project. Meanwhile, their medical team held a primary care clinic. Thanks to Ron Noecker and Nursing Heart for their contribution and hard work.

For the cost of a dinner
 you can send a child to school

The cost for a student in our scholarship program to attend school is $425 a year.  When students graduate from high school they aspire to continue their education.  A young adult can attend college for $1,200 a year.  Fathers make $3 - $5 a day working in agriculture. They can barely feed their families. In reality, there is no money for school expenses. Young men are doomed to work in agriculture. Young women get pregnant and marry young.  The cycle of poverty continues.


     More students ask us for help than we have resources. We have to turn them away and their dreams of going to school are shattered. 

 It breaks my heart.

     Can you sponsor a student and make their dream a reality?

     For $35 a month, you can provide an education

 for a junior high or high school student. 


     A donation of $100 a month will ensure a student can attend college and further their studies in careers such as business administration, tourism, nursing, legal studies, speech pathology, and psychology.  Break the vicious cycle of poverty...send a child to school.


  Juana Angelica Coj with her family.

Please go to  Donate and set up a monthly payment. It only takes a minute to provide a lifetime of education.
A Family Comes Together To
Build a Community Center

Fourteen family members from four states came together in 
Guatemala to honor the memory of their mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and aunt, Florence Becker. Florence was killed by a drunk driver on September 20, 2013. During the dedication, the family hung a beautiful plaque on the wall to commemorate the community center. 
The villagers celebrated with fire crackers and a traditional
 meal to thank the family.

Florence Becker

Families Can Change a Village
Spend time together and benefit an entire Maya village.
 Come to beautiful Guatemala, visit their homes and learn 
about the culture. Build a community center or school kitchen
 in honor or in memory of a loved one. 
 The cost of a project is between $3,000 & $4,000.

A New Home For Zacarias
In January, we welcomed members of Health Ministries Association in Independence, Missouri. They built a house for Zacarias, a 7 year old boy with cerebral palsy and his parents, Matilda and Diego. Working side by side with Ken, Amilcar, & Marlon, they finished the house in 2 1/2 days! Many prayers of thanks were shared at the dedication!

Rotary Clubs collaborate to donate a dental chair

The Rotary Club Isle de St. Barthelemy in Holland donated a dental chair for Guatemala. Customs' paperwork was completed with the cooperation of the Rotary Clubs of Guatemala Este and Antigua Guatemala. Rotarians from the three clubs visited us in January. This equipment will allow us expand our health services and provide dental care to the villagers of San Mart´┐Żn Jilotepeque.

New Roofs for Schools


 Leaky roofs and mold plagued the students and teachers in 3 village schools, Las Venturs, El Sargento, and Chi Armira.  Nine teachers and over 200 students no longer have to dodge pouring rain in their classrooms.  Thanks to a generous donation from David & Susana Rogers, they have a shiny, clean, dry place to attend school !! 


Students at Chi Armira celebrated their

 new roof during kindergarten graduation.