FALL 2019
Research estimates that between 50 and 60 percent of U.S. adults have experienced some type of traumatic event in their lives. Exposure to trauma increases the risk of negative health outcomes, including substance abuse, chronic illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other behavioral health problems. Healthcare providers and systems are developing ways to make their services more responsive to individuals who have experienced trauma.  Read more about trauma-informed care.
The Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative is a Labor Management Project initiative that provides full-day training sessions on behavioral health issues affecting nursing home residents. At the Pioneer Network’s recent annual conference, three Learning Collaborative nursing homes gave presentations about how the collaborative has helped them improve care for residents with behavioral health issues. Read more about the presentations.

The 1199SEIU League Labor Management Project (LMP) offers a broad range of services and strategies to help front-line workers, nurses and management collaborate to address mutual concerns and interests in healthcare settings. Its goals include increasing worker voice and involvement, enhancing the quality of care, improving patient and staff satisfaction, and increasing operational effectiveness and performance. The LMP provides facility-based labor-management consulting, performance improvement facilitation, skill-building sessions, and research and evaluation assistance. 


Partnership Matters is the LMP's free quarterly e-bulletin. It keeps you informed of the progress we're making and of emerging trends, best practices and innovations in healthcare improvement that can help you in your work. If you have questions about this issue or ideas for a future issue, please contact Marcia Mayfield.

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