May 12, 2021
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As we continue to recover and rebuild across the country, we must devote special attention to the stability and quality of our infrastructure. Throughout Infrastructure Week (May 10–14), we reflect on the importance of physical and digital infrastructure, while advocating for crucial enhancements to the transportation, water systems, and broadband that connect our communities. In addition to benefiting from such improvements economically and socially, we will also bolster the resilience of New Jersey towns and cities amid the ongoing climate crisis.

What better way to prepare for the advancement of our infrastructure than to learn more about the most pressing planning and redevelopment issues alongside visionary professionals? Join us on June 10 and 11 for the 2021 Planning and Redevelopment Conference, which will include more than 30 virtual sessions and morning and lunch-time plenaries. These presentations and discussions will feature ground-breaking ideas and effective strategies relevant to development, sustainability, and equity. Register now to participate in the reimagination of a greener, fairer, and more prosperous Garden State.

Several New Jersey towns and cities are already achieving noteworthy milestones in their efforts to foster safer, healthier communities. Check out our blog post on Hoboken, which has eliminated pedestrian deaths and turned “Vision Zero” into a reality.

At the state level, climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives seek to strengthen the resilience of communities across New Jersey. New Jersey Future previously published its preliminary statement and has subsequently conducted a full analysis of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Climate Change Resilience Strategy, which will be shared shortly. Those who are interested may submit comments to the state until May 21.

Peter Kasabach
Executive Director
Don’t miss this 2021 event (June 10-11) from wherever you are! New Jersey Future is proud to partner with the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association to present this two-day virtual conference. The event will feature a multitude of timely session offerings as we restart, recover, and reimagine land use in a rapidly changing and post-pandemic environment. 
Hoboken’s laudable achievement is the result of a deliberate and sustained effort, the centerpiece of which is the redesign of a 16-block stretch of Washington Street, the city’s main commercial thoroughfare.

Guest author and AIA NJ President Joshua Zinder shares the importance of providing “missing middle” housing options to fill a gap in housing and revitalize communities.

New Jersey Future sent the following letter on April 27, 2021 to New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation recommending a federal funding allocation to support lead service line replacement programs.

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Smart Growth for Everyone
Smart Growth is equitable growth. It is also restorative, as smart growth and redevelopment can help correct systemic racial and economic disparities. As New Jersey Future drives land use decision-making toward more equitable outcomes, we will be sharing useful resources and lessons in this monthly spotlight. Please give us your feedback and share with us any particularly insightful articles, talks, events, or videos that you come across.

As multi-trillion dollar federal funding for infrastructure is being considered, it's important to understand the history of infrastructure investment in the United States. The way we design and use land can create opportunities for communities to connect and thrive, but it can also erect barriers when building on a system of discrimination. This article lays out how racism shaped the planning of interstate highways in the mid-20th century, and how the Biden administration's infrastructure plan can help rectify inequities in transportation planning.
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New Jersey Future has prepared Creating Places To Age: A Community Guide to Implementing Aging-Friendly Land Use Decisions to provide communities with a step-by-step process to make designing for the needs of older residents easier.

The New Jersey Stormwater Utilities Resource Center is a one-stop shop, housing technical legal and financial information, case studies, and helpful guidance on stormwater solutions, community process, and public engagement.

The Developers Green Infrastructure Guide 2.0 breaks down New Jersey’s Stormwater Rule amendments and helps developers and decision-makers more clearly understand green infrastructure options and advantages, compare alternatives, and evaluate costs and benefits.

This report from the Jersey Water Works Lead in Drinking Water Task Force outlines actions New Jersey can take to virtually eliminate lead in drinking water in 10 years. New Jersey Future is a member of the Jersey Water Works collaborative.
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