~ February 27, 2020  ~
Are you or someone you know redefining excellence in business education? This year's Ideas Worth Teaching Awards will honor exceptional teaching that prepares students for their urgent roles in building society's health. Nominations are open until April 17th.

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The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Rebecca Henderson, Aron Cramer, Earthea Nance

As the US withdraws from the Paris Climate Accords, what lessons can business draw from the last time the US stepped back from a landmark climate agreement? Find answers in this latest episode of the Business 20/20 podcast.
-- 1 --
The New Republic: David Sessions

"If universities are to be more than corporate research labs and employer training programs, they need a renewed vision of what it means to serve a truly democratic society": What does this critical view of business education suggest about reshaping management programs to serve the common good? (also see 42 Things We Wish We Knew Before Getting Our MBAs)
-- 2 --
MIT Technology Review: Michael Blanding

Rethinking employee worth: How can companies boost pay as well as performance? Sloan professor Zeynep Ton breaks it down.
-- 3 --
The New Yorker: Hannah Fry

Running trials and collecting evidence is what separates us from "medieval doctors and their leeches," but is this approach still acceptable when it's done without your knowledge, and the results may cost you?
-- 4 --
Financial Times: George Serafeim

What would a shift to impact-weighted measures of performance mean for business and society?
-- 5 --
Great strides have been made, but look closer and you'll see that equality in America is a work in progress. What economic and policy changes would bolster minorities and the families, communities and businesses they support?
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