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January 3, 2018

Radical Joy Revealed is a weekly message of inspiration about finding and making beauty in wounded places. We hope you'll enjoy these doorways into places that are both familiar and surprising, and we welcome your suggestions, stories, and photos. Click here to subscribe. 

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  1. Notice the beauty of the Earth whenever you can... especially when you're feeling badly.
  2. If you're in the presence of someone else when you see that splendor, point it out to them. They may ignore you, but at least they'll notice!
  3. Take time now and then to read or listen to the really hard stuff in the news (like this article about how the tax bill Congress just passed opens up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling). And when you want to turn away in despair, take a little bit more time just to be present for your deep feelings. It's healthy to bring your whole, full self to your relationship with the natural world.
  4. When you pass a "wounded place"--a place that isn't as healthy and beautiful as it used to be--pause and offer a gift of consolation or appreciation: a bow, a song, a prayer, a simple act of beauty made of found materials, a dance, a kiss...
  5. Find a cause in your own community that you really believe in and then find a way to get involved... in a way that really and truly fits who you are.
  6. Dare to tell people that it's okay to grieve for wounded places. And that taking time to make a simple, spontaneous gift for these places makes a difference to the place... and to the person doing it.
  7. In times of trouble, reach out beyond yourself and do something whimsical, fun, and generous for somebody else. For inspiration (and even to contribute some random act of beauty yourself), see ServiceSpace.org.
  8. Recognize that the one thing we can always do is to find and make beauty!
Happy New Year, all Radical Joy Revealed readers!
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It's easy to make beauty anywhere! Here's how!

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Radical Joy for Hard Times is a global community of people dedicated to finding and making beauty in wounded places. Reconnecting with these places, sharing our stories of loss, and making acts of beauty there, we transform the land, reconnect people and the places that nourish them, and empower ourselves to make a difference in the way we live on Earth. 
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