Volume 41
January 6, 2021
Dear Loyal Readers,

As our New Year starts, For the Better, I find it refreshing to reflect on timeless guiding principles. For those of you who know me best, that may be of little surprise and again, I genuinely appreciate each opportunity to be of service. As years go by, I grow fonder of analogies as shortcuts to describe concepts or specific ideas. I am often enthused to discover consistent patterns of sharing effective explanations worthy of a broader lens. 

For example, most are familiar with the phrase, “that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack” referring to something of value that is remarkably hard to find.

From our experience with practices nationwide, we observe a vast majority seeking needles in a haystack with grassroots educational marketing programs which will empower them to Outsmart, not Outspend competition. Particularly with self-funded marketing needs expanding and financial rebound necessity, this competitive goal is imperative.
For those wanting to progressively benefit from value-added collaborations For the Better, HDI aspires to prove ourselves as one of the “needles in a haystack” you are looking for. As we have co-created customized programs over the last decade with hearing health, ENT and balance professionals, guiding principles have always led our way. 

We take this opportunity to codify our collaborative Mission Statement as HDI+
In 2021 and beyond, we are uniquely skilled to roll up our sleeves with laser focus on nurturing your high-integrity practice growth via targeted and customized educational initiatives.
As we embark on 2021’s journey, we pay homage to Dr. James Carse and Simon Sinek for their inspirational perspective on how to play “The Infinite Game”.

Please enjoy listening to or reading.
The Infinite Game with Dr. James Carse

Many people have theories, but what philosopher, Dr. James Carse, figured out is more profound. He articulated a basic truth about how the world actually works. His work has had a profound impact on me and my work. So much so, I wrote a book to...

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In next week’s issue, we will begin exploring how your 2021 practice growth will be for the better, with infinite potential. If you would like for us to add any of your colleagues to our weekly share list, please let us know here:
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