Kevin Beasley’s Strange Fruit, 2015, an installation featuring Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes in white and black with polyurethane resin, polyurethane foam, tube socks, shoelaces, rope, speakers, hyper cardioid and contact microphones, amplifier, patch cables ad effects processors. 
Mark Bradford, ‘Untitled’, Mixed Mediums on Canvas, 2020 

Kerry James Marshall
Nari Ward, Peace Keeper, Hearse, grease, mufflers, and feathers
Howardena Pindell
Henry Taylor, "Untitled", 2020
Jack Whitten, "Birmingham, 1964, Aluminum, newsprint, stocking, and oil on plywood
“Coming from Nigeria, I felt I owed no one an explanation for my existence, nor did I harbor any sign of paralyzing inferiority complex.”

Okwui Enwezor (2013)

Photo by Edward Keating/The New York Times
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"Oracle" by Sanford Biggers

"Spirit of Harlem" Mosaic Mural
Pamella Allen at Calabar Gallery
Basquiat’s 'In This Case' headlines Christie’s inaugural 21st Century Evening Sale at $93,105,000
Ghanaian artist draws inspiration from powerful woman in works to be exhibited at 57th Street Art Fair

By Vee L. Harrison 

In 2017 when Kwame Boama Mensa arrived in the United States, he didn’t know what reception his art would receive.  Would they welcome this newcomer into the American art scene? Mensa, 42, was born and raised in West African Ghana. He started painting full-time after graduating from art school. Studying in Ghana in the 90s gave him a sense of his place as an artist. After graduating in 1999 he realized that his journey was not coincidental; it was purposeful, and a path he’d been on since early childhood. 

“When I was growing up in Africa, we would draw all the time, and compare who was the better artist,” Mensa recalled. “I grew up with more than fifteen boys in my extended family and we would draw every day.”

The 57th Street Virtual Fair is available through May 2022. Returning live in June 2022
Supper’s Our Time by SHAN Wallace, part of Minding My Business (i said what i said) at AWAACC curated by Janice Bond and Sadie B
"Maya as Gaia, Original Collage Print Signed by Rochelle Sodipo (@rochellesodipo) Number 4 of 20, Framed $500
(Plus shipping)