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from the rector
Sharing food! 

There comes a point in a high stress period of time that we need a to make sure the good news outweighs the hard stuff. Here is a way we can take care of each other:

Our focus in these days is on justice and on physical wellness … we cheer for essential workers, march for pay equity, pray for peace and justice … and we are hyper-aware of our surroundings because we cannot see the fear-causing germs. This Sunday we will focus on those who labor for the good of everyone.

We know we are not ready or able to "love one another" by gathering in the sanctuary for prayers and praise. We know we are not ready or able to ‘love one another’ with refreshments or potlucks. AND we know we DO have the means to share all of that over the airwaves with awesome technology.

Something we can do is to think of those times past when we did share our Sunday mornings and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with food and drink. How about if we nourish one another with the recipes and stories about that food we shared or would serve on Sundays? How about if we think about those potluck "dishes to share" and scan or photograph those recipes to each other? We can then collect them into what I might call a 'Cooking in Covid-time recipe swap' collection. I always say, 'potluck is some of my favorite food!’'

Start thinking about it, find some of those recipes, remember some of those stories, and send them to Chris at   She will collect and collate and we’ll have a file for our computers (no paper to deal with)!  
May peace prevail, Donna+
Another way to help from your couch: Five year old Jack Baer is in his third year of his four year treatment plan to combat his virulent form of cancer. He and his family would usually be personally asking everyone they know to participate or support the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Parkway run and walk (virtual edition) to raise money for research and treatment opportunities. This year it is all online. If you would like to support "Team Super Jack" click HERE to donate and send them a message of support. Read more about the event HERE 

As you know, our sanctuary space is neither being rented for events nor used for worship during these strange months. I have listened to reports that some parents are looking for space to gather 6-10 children and pay tutors to educate them part time. If you know a someone who is looking for a space to teach a small group (pod) of children in the neighborhood, (or for some similar use) please contact me or give them my info: TCUL and TMC will work together to help the community in any way we can.
Remember to connect with one another! Phone calls, cards, email are all ways to remind each other that we are not alone. 

More voting info: (in case you aren't already deluged!): There is a group that people can volunteer for that is working on voting rights etc. Lynn watched one of their web presentations today. This is their webpage: weallvote/volresources. They also have a tel. no. for questions about voting: 866-OUR-VOTE. 

Action needed: Today, the Pennsylvania House is considering an amendment (A06851) that would remove the option of drop boxes and also allow for out-of-county poll watchers (who could then challenge the eligibility of any voter to vote) this November. We need your help! Please email your PA representative TODAY and urge a NO VOTE of any bill that eliminates drop boxes or allows out-of-county poll watchers during the November election.
For most of the people at TMC, our State representative is Rep. Brian Sims <>.

REMINDER: The next 9:00 service is September 13 with new songs, prayers and stories. Everyone is welcome at 10:30, same link. Or come at 11:15 for coffee hour and get to meet old or new friends. 
Diana's column "Under a rest" is too good to miss.
Here is a sample:

Hi friends! Last Sunday was a special Sunday for music, as we were celebrating one of our Choir members embarking on her next awesome adventure - college! I let her choose the last anthem that she will perform with us for a while, and she chose You Will Be Found, a lovely piece from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. She sang the solo parts in this arrangement. Give it a listen - her voice is lovely, and her talent is evident from the beginning! She will be missed, but she will always be in our hearts.

Our amazing Choir continued to gift us with their talents, and we sang Won't You Let Me Be Your Servant and The Summons. Following the sermon, I played Old Friends, better known as the Shire Theme from Lord of the Rings.

I look forward to seeing you all next week over the long weekend. I cannot believe it is September already! There is a lot of fun fall music right around the corner, so stay tuned!

For Diana's weekly column with choir selections, go to Facebook page: Trinity Memorial church or click on the Facebook icon at bottom of page
Deacon's corner
I thought I would continue a bit with Tolkien’s philosophy of overcoming evil with good. Although his story about the "one ring" has a great deal of violence in it, there are also messages of wisdom, hope and goodness, much like the bible. At one point the hobbit Frodo exclaims his wish that the ring of evil had not become his responsibility; wishing he could turn away from the task appointed to him. Gandalf tells him: “So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
That is the same decision Christians have had to make throughout history and we have to make today. A Sojourners Verse of the Day quoted Proverbs: “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, ‘But we knew nothing about this,’ does not he who weighs the heart perceive it. Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?” Rev. Terrance M. McKinley reflects:
Wherever you are, whatever platform you have, whatever sphere of influence you enjoy, the time is now for all of us to do something. The time is now to use our bodies to protect the bodies of those who are unsafe. The time is now to use our influence, to take a stand, to become active, to go to places to demand justice, and to disruptively remove ourselves from places. The time is now to raise our voices to be heard and to call on our nation to recognize the effects of racism in our criminal justice system and to re-imagine public safety in this country.
Loving God, strengthen us to do what is best with the time we are given.

Deacon Lynn
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