Jewelry That Makes You Think.
From Strength to Strength in the Swiss Jewelry Field
by Astrid Ubbink

Since 1995, Annick Zufferey has devoted herself to representing contemporary jewelry in Switzerland and beyond. She is driven by the urge to search for jewelry that breathes a highly developed aesthetic sense, but that moves away from “traditional” aesthetic value. In this interview, she talks about how she came into contact with contemporary jewelry and how the jewelry artists she represents are received in Switzerland.

Image caption: Nora Rochel, Untitled, 2013, necklace, silver, photo: artist
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The Splendour of Power: Queen Dorothea's Bridal Ornament

In 1557, the wife of King Christian III donated a sumptuous ornament to the city of Copenhagen, making it available for the daughters of mayors and councillors to use at wedding receptions in the city hall. Modern studies show that not all various elements of the ornament were contemporaneous. Over the years, the piece underwent alterations, and it wasn't until 1943 that historical records enabled the ornament to be returned to its original composition. Learn more in this article from the catalog for The Splendour of Power, held at Denmark's Museet på Koldinghus in 2018.


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