Getting the Tracks Off Del Mar's Sensitive Bluffs: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, U.S. Rep. Mike Levin are working with Del Mar to relocate the tracks

Yesterday I was pleased to join Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Congressmember Mike Levin in Del Mar's Town Hall after they completed their Coaster trip up the coast, working together on relocating the rail line off the Del Mar bluff.

Relocating the tracks is how we can preserve our beautiful, sensitive bluffs. It is how we can ensure safety of the trains that are playing a critical role in meeting our climate goals.

In this critical election, vote for candidates who are committed to getting the tracks off our bluffs as soon as possible, and who understand that rail relocation and a tunnel under Del Mar are one inseparable project that can be achieved in a way that is right for Del Mar. 

Very thorough environmental analysis will take place before the tunnel alignment is chosen, and ALL reasonable alignments will be studied and considered. Del Mar will be deeply engaged in this process, and I will work closely with Del Mar residents to make sure that the tunnel alignment selected is right for Del Mar, and that all concerns such as neighborhood impacts, venting, portals, noise and vibration are addressed. Tunnels in places like L.A. go under schools, homes, and even the Disney Center with no adverse impacts, so we know the technology is there.

I urge you vote for Rep. Mike Levin, who works effectively on issues of critical importance to Del Mar: track relocation, moving the dangerous nuclear waste from SONGS away from the coast, responding to climate change, and much more.

I am endorsed by Rep. Levin, Senator Toni Atkins and the other elected officials who represent Del Mar in Sacramento, and I have a proven track record working collaboratively with regional, state and federal stakeholders on high-priority issues like track relocation. I ask for your vote, and in exchange, I will work hard for Del Mar every day.



Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Mayor Dwight Worden, U.S. Rep. Mike Levin

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