-Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh, the central figure in Frederick Wiseman’s latest documentary City Hall that was featured in our 2020 festival was just appointed Labor Secretary in Biden’s cabinet. After following this extra-special person who was central to helping the people of Boston, you felt like you knew him personally. 

-Michael Apted, documentary pioneer, died at age 79. Best know for his UP series thatfollowed 14 people every seven years. He began with the original 7 UP in 1964 followed by 14 UP at the start of the next decade which interviewered the same children as teenagers and the pattern was set right up until 63 UP in 2019. Apted’s show, which won three BAFTA awards, have often been described as the forerunner of modern-day reality TV series.

-30th Annual Gotham Awards: The 2020-21 awards season got its first prominent awards ceremony on January 11, 2021. Nominees for Best Documentary are“76 Days” “City Hall” “Our Time Machine”
Two films tied for winners: “A Thousand Cuts” and “Time”