As we approach the end of the first month in the new year, the Metalwerx Team wanted to take a moment to reflect on the highlights of 2020.
One glimmer has been all the positive experiences students have expressed having while taking virtual courses with us over the last 8 months. Those moments when a student has shown genuine gratitude for the hard work Metalwerx has put in to bring our community some semblance of escape from the shadow of 2020 has really stuck with me. All of the work that we do is for our students, so to see that it really makes a difference in their lives is a powerful and vivid highlight. - Nick Heyl, Program Manager
There were some dark spots this year, but our Metalwerx team, our creative community, our friends all rallied together. Seeing work from our friends and students at Wear & Share has been amazing and inspiring! -Liz Clark, Events Director
Connecting to people virtually who I have not seen in a while. The pandemic certainly made myself, and I think all of us, put more work into staying connected with others, which lead to seeing people I have not seen in a long time, like my elementary school class. The Virtual Makers Symposium is certainly another example of this = being able to meet so many different jewelers and Metalsmiths from all over was quite incredible.
-Violet Ita, Program & Project Coordinator
My favorite moments are anytime I was able to be with my sons. Since the lock downs, my sons have had no life :) so I get a chance to see them more often than before. yea!!!!!!!- Therese Martin, Studio Technician
Wire wrapping mandrels and specialty pliers...
Sterling, Argentium, gold plated wires...
No-heat connections and Chain Maille from rings...
These are a few of my favorite things!!!"
2020 held so many surprises for all of us and being forced away from the soldering station was one of the best for me!! How fortunate I have been to work with our amazing team of instructors in the virtual sphere; I have developed hands skills in cold-working with wire, that I never would have thought to devote my time to! Every cloud (and )"crisis" has its silver lining.... mine was being part of the Metalwerx community as we flexed to keep the Making going.... in-studio or on-line! SO thankful to be part of our incredible and unstoppable crowd. -Emily Glimp, Virtual Teaching Assistant
My favorite thing about 2020 was Metalwerx’s Fall Symposium! I loved feeling so welcome in the vibrant MWX community. In particular, Patrick McMillan’s demo and subsequent advice led to me owning my very own Orion welder, which is definitely my favorite tool of 2020! -Kristin Mitsu Shiga, Events Assistant
Early last year in the spring I was able to start an inground garden in my front yard with the time I ended up having after all the craft shows got cancelled for the year, and I’ve slowly grown my indoor plant collection also well which has brought lots of joy and greenery throughout a tough year! -Brie Flora, Virtual Teaching Assistant
Our community has made 2020 so much brighter! It is incredible to think about all the people we have been able to connect with -- from 48 states and 8 countries! There are some folks I actually "saw" more often because of the pandemic and my Metalwerx friends have been a bright light during our hardest moments. I'm so grateful for our amazing community. The support, participation, and encouragement has kept us moving forward. Thank you! - Lindsay Minihan, Executive Director
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_virtual Wear & Share
Wednesday, Jan 27, 5:30pm ET
Metalwerx's monthly virtual show and tell is a great place to share what you've been up to, meet up with old friends and make new ones! This special Wear & Share will feature metalsmith, maker and educator Kristin Mitsu Shiga! Kristin will share with us some of her work and a studio tip! Click here to learn more about Kristin and to take a tour of her studio in Kealakekua, on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
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