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March 1, 2017

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Women's History Month 2017!
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Find the Midwife! 
Discovering Midwives in Online 
and Offline Records
by Janet Sjaarda Sheeres

Saturday, March 4th, 1:30 pm
Grand Rapids Public Library

On Saturday, March 4th,  Janet Sjaarda Sheeres will build on her January program at  History Detectives  with a workshop for the Western Michigan Genealogical Society. 

To date, Janet has located over forty-five immigrant midwives who served in Dutch colonies across the United States. She will use her findings to aid in the discovery of midwives from other early ethnic communities and share practical research tips to overcome the difficulties of finding these women who were often sidelined in early historical and census records. Click here for information at WMGS

An independent scholar and author, Janet Sjaarda Sheeres is also associate editor of  Origins, the the journal of the Calvin College Archives. Since she began writing thirty years ago, she has published over 70 articles in national and international journals. Her biography,  Son of Secession: Douwe J. Vander Werp, was published by Eerdmans in 2006;  The Not-So Promised Paradise: The Dutch Colony in Amelia, Virginia 1868-1880, in 2013; and her edited and annotated synodical minutes of the Christian Reformed Church from 1857 to 1880, in 2014. There is actually some humor in the latter!

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See the March issue of  Grand Rapids Magazine for a fine article on researching family origins. Janet Sheeres's March 4 th program will add a resource not mentioned: midwives' records! Who thinks of those, any more than they consider "who delivered the babies"?! The article also includes nice photos of GGRWHC member Nan Schichtel, board member Julie Tabberer, and recent program presenter Will Miner!

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March 29th  
Annual Reception and Program

Before and Beyond the Bricks and Mortar:
The 1908 Blodgett Home for Children and the 
Programs It Has Housed

by Cindy Laug & Diana Barrett

Wednesday, March 29 th
5:00 - 7:00 pm
ICCF Assembly Hall, 920 Cherry Street SE 

We will honor the nineteenth-century women's organizations that created and managed the children's programs behind the construction in 1908 of the Blodgett Home--currently the ICCF, our host building for the day. Guided by local historians Cindy Laug and Diana Barrett, we will see how those programs proliferated in the twentieth century and led to Mary Free Bed taking over the building for rehabilitation projects. 

Appropriately, our event on March 29th will offer an opportunity to visit a building beautifully rehabilitated itself. There we will toast the recent 125th anniversary of the Mary Free Bed Guild, whose members in 2016 were inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. Free admission and free parking. Please join us, but please reserve: 616-574-7307 or [email protected].

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