Dear Concert Friends,

Venice reached out to us to share this amazing video, a 6-song set they compiled, featuring David Crosby at our 2011 For The Arts Concert. They wanted us to share it with all of you, our wonderful past concert-goers. Whether or not you were at this 2011 concert, we think you’ll enjoy this.

If you’re inspired, please consider making a donation to the Santa Monica Education Foundation’s For The Arts Endowment in celebration of David’s legacy to help fund the arts in public schools.

Thank you,
Linda Greenberg
From Venice:

On January 18, 2023, the world lost a musical legend, someone we were fortunate enough to call a dear friend - David Crosby. In the month since his passing, we revisited some old footage of us performing with him at a benefit concert to support the arts in public schools. The footage was so good, we decided to edit the video, remix the audio, and share this 6-song live set with the world as our way to honor David! 

So here it is…David Crosby, with Venice and student musicians performing at Santa Monica High School in 2011.

(We suggest watching it on a big screen and with good sound…or wear headphones!)