Jennyoga Studios
In Loving Memory of
Jeff Goodman
September 2, 1953 - April 22, 2012
jeff goodman

We are saddened to inform our community that a beloved teacher and friend of the Texas Yoga Community and Jennyoga Studios, Jeff Goodman, passed in his sleep on Saturday night/early Sunday morning from cardiac arrest.  He was in the midst of completing the 9 day Advanced Ana Forrest Teacher Training, and doing what he loved. He had a wonderful dinner with friends on Saturday night and simply went to sleep.

Jeff was also gearing up for a long trip to China and was already making plans for a photo showing party of his trip upon his return.  Full of life and an almost daily recipient of some form of Ayurvedic treatment or Thai massage, Jeff Goodman was a good man and a true friend to many of us in the yoga community. He was a huge supporter of community and a devoted friend.

This was Jeff's last posting on Facebook from April 17th,
"As i was falling asleep last night, I saw Orion flashing and glowing." 

This email is in loving memory of not only a great friend, but a very dedicated yogi whose wing has always been open to supporting, sharing and loving us. If Jeff befriended you, he was in it for the long haul, thick or thin, and with a beautiful nurturing heart that we can all aspire to become.

We love you Zenrin Jeff Goodman and our hearts ache for losing you yesterday. You left us all in awe that we had indeed a true friend in our community who no matter what was there for so many of us. Thank you for all that you did to inspire us to march forward and never give up on our dreams.

We are going to miss Jeff's cute little mini in our parking lot at the studios. He always backed it in at River Oaks.
Jeff loved the main blue room at Blue Tree, so we honorably dedicate the room and the "lickbox" to our friend. Jeff had a funny way of misspelling words in his emails and texts so our donation lock box was often renamed lickbox as a typing error. For fun we all began calling it the lickbox. We all have so many stories to share about Jeff. Here is my most fond memory:

One evening a few months ago having dinner at Lupe Tortillas with Zach, Heather and I, Jeff really touched my heart and soul. Zach and I were discussing creativity. I had expressed how I had been feeling less creative lately and naturally Zach said I needed more than a few days of rest and thought that perhaps I was exhausted. I said to him that I wish I crawl under someone's wing for a while so that I could get that rest. Perhaps I could get my creativity back in full swing.

Jeff asked for my attention across the table from me. He was pointing under his arm. He said, "I have a wing you can rest under. I will take care of you. I can always go back to corporate America to take care of you Jenny."  And truthfully, I think he really meant it. I will never forget how I felt at that moment to know someone could show me enough love to care about my well-being in such a way. And that he would sacrifice his own well-being to help someone. Tears fill my eyes every time I think of his sweetness that evening and my heart melts every time I think of him.

Jeff Goodman was an Angel, more enlightened than we gave him credit for, more loving than we wanted to acknowledge, and more giving than many of us will ever know. 

Peace to Jeff in his transition, ironically on Earth Day.  


Many blessings on your journey in our short time spent here on Earth beloved community. We honor you. Enjoy your friends, enjoy your family and enjoy your life. This is a call to live our lives to the fullest. Bring joy to each other and may our hearts be blessed with this moment. And perhaps make your own lickbox one evening and start saving your coins for a special day ;) 


In peace,


Jennifer Buergermeister

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