Be Like Mike
Our hearts ache to write these words.

There has been no greater champion to end homelessness in our community than our beloved Mike McQuaid. Husband, father, grandfather, friend, mentor, leader and advocate for the poor, Mike will forever serve as a role model for us all to embrace our collective passion to end homelessness. 
Words cannot express the loss and the void we are all experiencing at this time. While we grieve, we are also deeply grateful for having had Mike in our lives. Jonathan Koppell, HSC Board President, shared this with the HSC Board members upon Mike’s passing: “Our campus would not be without Mike. His insistent belief that homelessness can and must be ended is an enduring flame for all of us. In this moment of despair I am trying to focus on my good fortune to be touched by such a generous, passionate and open-hearted person.“
Amy Schwabenlender, HSC Executive Director, said: "For years, Mike was relentless, in bringing people together and putting ideas into action that moved us one step closer to ending homelessness at a community level. His commitment to the Human Services Campus, which has become a national model, has resulted in thousands of individuals moving from homelessness into permanent housing. "
We will continue Mike’s dream and do the hard work every day at all levels of this systemic issue. We send peace and love to Mike’s wife Molly and their entire family. We know what we need to do. Be Like Mike.
The note in this photo is something Mike brought with him when he delivered lunch for HSC staff back in May. He was very concerned about the safety and health of our staff and clients. He wanted to do something to show his appreciation for everyone. Such a Mike McQuaid thing to do. Be Like Mike.

The HSC Staff is grieving the loss of Mike while continuing the hard work they do every day to help people end their homelessness. Here are a few comments from staff upon learning of Mike's passing:

"Just devastating. The only thing more overwhelming than his loss is the thought of how many lives he impacted and his incredible decency as a person."

"Mike was so kind and so warm hearted. Let’s continue to end homelessness in his honor and work together as a team/family and give it 100% everyday."

"We will miss him dearly and carry on his work. He firmly believed in the possibility of ending homelessness."
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