07.17.1922 - 02.11.2021
John Stanley Heywood
With heavy hearts, the Arizona Lighting Sales Team announces the passing of our dear friend and colleague of 33 years.

In the 1950's Stan Heywood started his career in lighting working for a friend by the name of Preston Jones, or 'Pres' at a little company you may know of called PREScolite.

At the time, the notion of a lighting agency didn't exist. Mr. Heywood made his way to the east coast to promote Prescolite, and persuade his friends to do the same. He then traveled across the country and signed on the first ever lighting agencies that remain prevalent today.
During his time with Prescolite, Stan became affluent in Ventriloquism. He adopted a unique sales call with a very sophisticated side-kick named 'Tex'. Tex was a dummy that Stan purchased from London, and he brought him on every sales call while working for Prescolite. He would visit electrical engineers, and Tex and himself would launch the latest lighting from Prescolite. His routine with Tex became so popular, that they were continuously searching for larger venues because the engineers would invite their wives to see him perform. At one point, they rented out a large hotel banquet room for 500 people. 600 showed up, and the hotel didn't have enough food so they had to buy out local grocery stores of more steaks to feed the additional 100 guests.

When Prescolite was purchased by a larger company called US Industries, Stan's new role didn't mesh with his needs to be out in the world entertaining clients. It was time for a change. He traveled back to San Francisco, and opened up his own lighting agency, Lighting Systems.

At the age of 65, he and his beloved wife, Ernie sold the agency and retired to Sun Lakes, Arizona. It should be noted, that Stan was not only socially adept, he was considerably athletic. He loved water sports, biking, and golf. Stan played along-side many professional golfers, and was a scratch golfer himself. The energy he exuded was too much for retirement. Ernie knew that her good friend Andy Anderson had a lighting agency right there in Arizona. She called up Andy, and asked him to keep Stan busy.

For 33 years, Stan became known as Stan 'The Lunch Man' Heywood. He spent those years as a friend and mentor to everyone at Arizona Lighting Sales as well as the engineering community.
Stan and Tex
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