We at BD&E are sad to say a tribute is due, and so deserved. Bella has bounded to the big dog park (with a lake) in the sky. We want to say, from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you. Thank you, Bella, for 11 years of friendship, service and soul-healing; for love, protection, amazing respect and keen awareness. For tail-wagging, kisses and for making us happy when skies were gray (which sometime happens in Pittsburgh). You were our sunshine!
Bella not only had her own BD&E business cards, but she also had the innate ability to discern human emotional states. She would make her daily rounds in the office to check in, assess the vibe, and spread her positive energy. She had unique connections and behavioral patterns with each of us. It was her way of telling us: “I really do love you best.”

For me, it was retrieving. Bella would bring me something (usually from my trash). Tail-wagging and proud, she’d parade around my office with that prize meant just for me. “Pretty baby girl!” I’d exclaim. It was a beautiful, daily exchange of love, gratitude and happiness. What more could you want from a loyal canine employee?

While there is quite a physical void here at BD&E, our hearts remain full with the memories and marvels of Bella. With grace and gentleness she touched and healed and made our lives more peaceful. We’d like to thank Tamara for sharing her with us and anyone and everyone who visited the office or enjoyed her stories in our newsletter. Rest in peace our pretty baby girl. 
Kristina Martinez
Executive Vice President, Creative Director

And Everyone at BD&E
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