Ending Gun Violence for a Safer, More Peaceful Nation
Today, We Remember. 
Today we remember all those whom we have lost to gun violence.
The ENOUGH Campaign began as a group of 14 concerned mothers in Fairfield County, Connecticut, sitting around a table in a living room less than 24 hours following the mass shooting of our neighbors, the 20 innocent children and six elementary educators you see above. We have grown to well over 2,000 members & followers who will always remember these shining faces, and who promise to honor their memories with action.

These angels are just 26 of 30,000 people who die each year from gun violence in America. Yet gun violence is preventable.

December 14, 2012 defined our resolve. Since that day, we have learned much about gun violence and the devastation it brings our families, our communities, and our country. Please join us in honoring all those lost to gun violence by taking action.

2016 promises to be a dynamic year for gun violence prevention. Please stay tuned for more action alerts from us as we plan to sweep the county with change for the better. 

In Peace, 
Thank you to those who joined us in lighting a candle
Stamford Daily Voice - December 11, 2015
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STAMFORD, Conn. - Hours after Gov. Dannel Malloy announced he would ban the sale of guns to buyers on government watchlists , the ENOUGH Campaign held its third yearly vigil for victims of gun violence.

Wendy Skratt was among the campaign members who gathered Thursday evening on the plaza in front of the Old Town Hall in Stamford, holding a candle in memory of those who had died due to gun violence.

"I always get a little down on the days of the vigil," she said. "It's heavy dealing with the pain that people who have lost loved ones to gun violence deal with every day."

Stamford Vigil of Hope to end gun violence
Stamford Vigil of Hope to end gun violence
Stay tuned for more photos of the vigil soon - maybe you are in them! Thanks again for such a great turnout. Together we will light the way for a better future.