Special Announcement
Our beloved Tiffani Middlesexx died peacefully at her home on Tuesday, January 11. Tiffani was a beloved member of MCC Tampa for over 15 years. Tiffani was an active church member. She served on the Board of Directors, volunteered in the food pantry, coordinated many drag shows at our church, and brought immeasurable joy to our church family.
Tiffani was a legend in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond. She was a drag mom and grandmother to many. You might have called her Tiffani. You might have called her Gerald or Gerry. You might have spoken of Tiffani with she/her pronouns or he/him pronouns. Tiffani didn’t mind what you called her, she was just glad to be part of the conversation. 
Tiffani taught us to be ourselves and to be proud of who we are. Tiffani truly loved our church. She was proud of our church family. She is survived by her sister, Lou Mayes, and by her large chosen family and church family.
Tiffani’s memorial service will be at MCC Tampa on Friday, January 21, at noon. All are welcome. The service will be in-person and live-streamed on the MCC Tampa Facebook page. I hope to see you there. I also hope you will join us for church this Sunday. In times of grief, it is good for us to be together. Come join us in the place that Tiffani loved so much, where you are included, just as you are!
You are loved,
Rev. Jakob