It is with great sadness that we wish to inform you that our long-time Board member,  Ibrahim Abdul Mu'id Ramey passed to the higher life on Friday December 11, 2015. We will miss this wonderful man who guided our organization for so many years. In memorium for Ibrahim a poem by Peter Ledermann.

The Parting
there is no place where leaves can fall
where the Earth will not love to embrace
as no color deep could hope to enthrall
my heart more than the gift of your grace
for the seasons not a time for change
but a change for time to draw a breath
and with its canvas rearrange
light from dark, life from death
as terraced gardens disappear
milkweed pods their children strayed
adrift on songs we've yet to hear
the invisible law to be obeyed
and with each part the parting goes
the autumn winds, the summer seeds
adrift beneath the winter snows
with noble dreams and daring deeds
So let time not into pieces go
where one without the other marks
a broken part of the heart we know
complete, and sails where love embarks 


Temple of Understanding
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New York, NY 10017