Dear Animal Lovers -


Last week, CCR received the worst news that any rescue organization ever could.  A pup that had come to us to find a new life full of happiness, fun, and kindness, had been beaten to death by his owner 10 months post-adoption.  CCR went through our standard adoption process with Derek Fierro, a 4th grade school teacher.  It included our 3 page application, reference checks, landlord approval, an interview, an introduction to Doc, and a home visit.   

It is inconceivable to us that this could have happened to any animal, much less our own Doc.   We take our dogs back if there are problems, challenges, life changes, etc... - all of our adopters are told this and they sign a contract which reinforces that they MUST return the dog to CCR.  We understand that sometimes things just do not work out and it's okay, we just want our dog back.


Seven years ago, we were contacted by an upset couple because the dog that they had adopted from CCR was ripping their apartment apart whenever they left their home.  They had a dog walker, he did not like doggy day care, and they did not know what to do.  We sent over a behaviorist who reviewed everything that was going on, met with the dog, and contacted us to say that this was just not the right place for this dog.  He had severe separation anxiety.  We convinced the owners to relinquish him to us and helped them find a more appropriate dog for their situation.  Then, we found the dog a new family in Wisconsin WITH SEVEN KIDS.  He could not have been happier with them and because their situation was so different - they felt that he was the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD.  This is what we want for ALL of our dogs whether they are easy or challenging, we want everyone to be happy.  We would have taken Doc back, all it would have taken was a single phone call or email to our organization.  We are devastated that Fierro did not give Doc that chance.


We have been contacted by many people to do something good, something that will lessen other animals' suffering, so that Doc's death was not in vain.  First and foremost, we will be involved in making sure that Doc gets his day in court and that people know about it.  Second, we will be working and training volunteers to do more follow-up with adopters to make sure that dogs and humans are doing well and to offer our help with any challenges that they might be experiencing. 


Lastly, we are establishing the Doc Memorial Fund.  Moneys contributed to this fund will be used to help puppies experiencing behavioral and medical challenges that they suffered due to abuse.  We hope that this small gesture will lessen the suffering of other animals that CCR is not too late to save.  If you would like to contribute to this fund, click below and make sure that you click on the "Doc Memorial Fund" box.  We are too late for Doc, but we are not too late to help other animals, so that's just what we need to do.






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