Watch Jairam Rao's (2002-2019)
Moving Testimony about the
Future of our Planet
Today young people across the world are walking out of school to take part in the global Climate Strike to protest government and business inaction on climate change. We wanted to take this moment to share Jairam Rao's message.
Jairam Rao was a member of Youth on Board and the Boston Student Advisory Council's Climate Justice Team . Jairam recently graduated from Boston Latin School and was headed to Boston University this fall. In March of this year he provided powerful testimony to the Boston City Council on the critical policy changes needed to address climate change. He knew that we need to act now and that young people must be at the center of the climate justice movement .
Jairam died while rock climbing out in the nature he fought to preserve shortly after giving this testimony. His family and YOB want to honor his vision by spreading his message of the urgent changes needed to fight the the environmental crisis.
Jairam lived as if everyday was his last. He fought against climate change and environmental degradation at every opportunity he could find. He dedicated his life to making the world a better place.
We were privileged to have been touched by Jairam -- we hope his words will continue to inspire others.
Please share and forward his message!
With love and solidarity,
Youth on Board and Boston Student Advisory Council