In Loving Memory of Reid Wood

11/6/2007 - 4/16/2023

Dear MTM-CNM Family Connection Family and Friends,

It is with deepest sadness and sorrow that we share the passing of Reid Wood, son of our Co-Founder & Vice-President and extraordinary leader and advocate, Marie Wood. Please wrap our dearest friends, Marie and David, and Reid’s four brothers, with all the love, prayers, and strength you can muster.

Through Marie and David’s commitment and dedication to Reid, providing exceptional care for his complex needs in their home (their “mini-ICU”) for both Reid and his beloved younger brother Paley, who also lives with MTM, they embraced redefining terms like “healthy” and “quality of life” with a deep appreciation and understanding that a full and rich life surpasses one’s own physical capacity. Despite all the medical challenges and necessary interventions Reid required as a part of his daily routine care, Reid embraced every day with contagious joy and was surrounded with profound love!

Reid had a great talent for trickery, always bringing a laugh or a smile. He received so much adoration from his loving brothers, who he also completely adored. With Reid’s immense humor, strong determination, and ingenuity, he would overcome any obstacle in his way to achieve what he wanted. And it was with his ever-extending hand, reaching out for those around him, that he invited everyone into those deep beautiful eyes, with those lashes for days! He got a hold of you, and it was a gift how he would hold your hand and not let go, inviting you into his world and his love.

Reid’s deepest tenderness and love was reserved for his mom and dad, and his most incredible brothers. The kind of love that is so evident to all when you have the gift to witness it. We feel so blessed we had that opportunity to experience their love through the MTM-CNM Family Conferences that Marie was instrumental in hosting, helping to direct and lead for the community through her extraordinary service with MTM-CNM Family Connection.

Throughout the MTM-CNM community, Marie has always been the source of never-ending prayers, encouragement, words of consolation, wisdom, knowledge and understanding for so many. Please help extend all the love, support, strength, condolences now as they navigate their great loss.

Reid Wood’s loving legacy will live on, always.

On February 28, 2023, Rare Disease Day, Marie wrote these words that seem most appropriate to share again now, as it truly radiates the love and hope that Reid and the Wood Family exemplifies…

“If the value of life were to be measured merely by a utilitarian calculus of pleasure and pain, then we might not seem to be doing well. But those are not our standards. We have our eyes on something higher, more profound, more transcendent, and so we know that a challenging life is just as worthy as an easy one. Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, your life is a gift and an opportunity. Go be great!”