Interior Design and Feng Shui to improve the flow of positive energy
in your home or workplace, and better support you and your family.

"What you have in your home creates your story.
I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann
April 2017

Mother's Day is next month, and as a mom of 4 myself, I'm excited to offer something I know Moms will love - a Gift Certificate! AND it comes with a Free Gift too (see below).

In a world that seems crazy sometimes, and when life is especially demanding, who wouldn't want a way to find some peace? Adjusting the energetics of your space can be one way to do that. When we've lived with things the same way for a while (maybe too long) sometimes we don't even realize they're stressors.

Are there some things about your space that stress you out? Frustrate you? Or maybe just drain your energy? Then it's time for a change!

Whether that change is finally committing to that big remodel, or just freshening up a few things, we're here for support, with many resources (furniture, accessories, lighting, artwork, flooring, etc) and, of course different price ranges for different budgets. We help you pull the design together in a creative way so it suits your style. As Feng Shui consultants, we can also share that expertise to create a healthy balance in your space.

Curious about Feng Shui, and want to learn more? Sign up for the ½ day workshop we're offering May 13. It'll be fun, and you'll get some hands-on help.

Read my blog post below for more about Creating Harmony at Home 

Early May I'm headed to Santa Fe for a training- I'll be sure to share in the next issue what I learned there, to help empower you for change, to create more peace and harmony in your life. The first step could be to make some changes to your space...

When you change your space, you change your life!    
W armest Regards,
Julie Ann
P.S. Check out the bathroom I designed that appeared in Midwest Home magazine's "Guide to Good Design"! 
Metro Interiors is Featured in Midwest Home magazine!    
In the April/May 2017 Issue of Midwest Home magazine's "Guide to Good Design," you can find a bathroom we designed. It was an "Ordinary to Extraordinary" renovation.

The photo below has been wildly popular on Houzz, receiving 32,642 Saves. 

Interior Design/Feng Shui Consult
Gift Certificate block0  
$150 + tax
PLUS FREE Aromatherapy Essential Oil Spray  
(a $205 value)


Give the gift any mom will love - a Gift Certificate for a 1-Hour Consult!

With an in-home consult, she'll get specific ideas to: 

Create more PEACE 

Decorate with BEAUTY 

Adjust Feng Shui for BALANCE & HARMONY 

PLUS - A Free Essential Oil Spray
of Her Choice

Offer Expires 5/14/17
Creating Harmony at Home                

It's important to pay special attention to how we design and maintain our homes, so that they serve us, and our families, well. We want to cultivate a sense of harmony at home.

The outside world can at times seem anything but harmonious, even chaotic. It can zap our energy and leave us drained. We need a place for retreat and restoration. Our homes can and should serve us in such a way.

Our homes, the closest energy to us, are a mirror for our inner world... Continue Reading 
"Everyone who comes to visit wants to stay. They feel welcomed, comforted and refreshed."
Reach Your Goals and
Have More Peace in Your Life!block1
"Fun" Shui Workshop
  • Simple and practical ways to adjust your living space to make positive, supportive changes in your life
  • Hands-on learning on using the Feng Shui Bagua (life map) to manifest your desires
Saturday, May 13 10-1
St. Louis Park, MN

Contact Julie Ann by email to Register or
Call 952.920.2827

Make your home not only LOOK good, but FEEL good too  

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