In Our Prayers | September 7, 2021
Below is a list of members, family, and friends needing special prayers. Names in bold typeface are new to the list. Names in blue typeface have had a change in status since the last Prayer List publication.

Please let the office know if you would like someone added to the list. Please let us know if there are any changes for someone currently on the list.
For Healing
Chris Hall - COVID-19; son-in-law of Father Michael & Linda Henry, Christ the King Anglican Church
Chris Thatcher - COVID-19; son-in-law of Father Michael & Linda Henry, Christ the King Anglican Church
Andrea Thatcher - recovering from COVID-19; daughter of Father Michael & Linda Henry, Christ the King Anglican Church
Linda Henry - broken toe; Christ the King Anglican Church
Don Morrow - radiation treatments for cancer on shoulder
Peter Kane - recovering from knee replacement surgery
Nadine Owens - recovering from pacemaker replacement surgery; at home
Kevin Yeager - undergoing chemotherapy for the next 6 months
Sherri Prifogle - pancreatic cancer
Judie McCoy - health issues and upcoming back surgery
Mary Lou Stephenson - medical issues; at home
Wayne Fercho - medical issues - brother of Jerre Fercho
Ingrid Williams - health issues; at home
Charlene Smith - health issues; recovering at home
George Wolf - recovering from heart stent and pacemaker surgery; at home
Christy Robertson - breast cancer; daughter of a friend of Pastor Walker
Bob Oie - health concerns
Jessica - breast cancer; niece of Mary Anderson
Rick Leach - cancer; friend of Bob & Janis Bergman
Donald Anderson - health concerns; Waterford
Marty Macaluso - health concerns
Chris Uttinger - serious health concerns; son of Sherrie & Gene Uttinger

**The Prayer List is emptied once a month. If you would like to have a name added to the list, please contact the church office.
In Hospice
Phillip Kreager - in Hospice care at home - lung cancer; brother-in-law of Janet & Ted DeGarmo
Mary Oie - in Hospice care at Wellbrooke of Kokomo

In Memoriam
Robert Smith - joined the Church Triumphant on Monday, August 23; brother-in-law of Dan & Nancy Macaluso
Seamon, Holly - 09/11
Kinch, Angela - 09/16
Stephen, Roger - 09/17
Obermeyer, Brody - 09/24
Prifogle, Gene - 09/24
Daniels, Dee Ann - 09/25
Oie, Mary - 09/25
Hargraves, Justin - 09/27
Moss, Melissa - 09/27
Sutherlin III, Gerald - 09/30
Kevin & Pamie Yeager - 09/27
Prayers for Coronavirus Related Matters
  • Healing for persons with COVID-19
  • Strength/Stamina for medical care providers including doctors, nurses, therapists, and all support staff
  • Wisdom/Cooperation among world, national, state, and civic leaders
  • Medical supply manufacturers and resources
  • Strength/Stamina for persons in essential supply industries
  • Public servants including police, fire, utilities
  • Churches and agencies seeking to provide help
  • Help and resources for small businesses and employees
  • Educators and school system employees
  • Families and children affected by COVID-19
  • Care facility residents and care providers
  • All whose daily patterns and places are in upheaval
  • At-risk populations including the elderly, immunocompromised, those living in homelessness, hunger, or financial instability
  • All living in isolation
  • Everyone dealing with stress and fear of the future
  • All seeking to be of service in word and deed to others
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