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In-Person Classes Resume Monday 1/11/2021
We will be resuming in-person classes!
We talked to the health department and got the approval to resume outdoor in-person classes on Monday 1/11/2021. Please update your class reservations as you prefer. Online classes will also continue please check each class for "location". Here's a handy link to the Class Calendar.

CDC Protocols Will Be Observed
1) 100% Mask wearing for all persons
2) Use hand sanitizer frequently.
3) Maintain social distance
4) Please avoid doggie greetings or play.

Book Ahead Up to Four Weeks
Book ahead to reserve a class, to keep your dog's training on schedule and consistent. You can book up to two classes a week currently.

Add Living with Dogs to Your Contacts
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How Do I Make Changes on the Class Calendar?
The class calendar is a self-service tool for scheduling and changing your classes. Here is a link to a quick help video that will show you how to make changes on your calendar. For the time being you will need to make cancellations at least 24 hours in advance and you will only be able to book one class a week.

Will you make the changes for me?
We can make changes to your calendar for you, each change costs 1 credit. Changes must be made at least 24 hours before class starts. We set up the self service calendar because we are not in the office all of the time. You can also view this video to see how to make changes to your calendar.

Online Recorded Classes Continue
You can still attend online if you want to stay in quarantine, if the in-person classes do not meet your scheduling needs, if you or your dog are unwell, or if you need to take care of loved ones at home.
To sign up for an online class visit our Class Calendar and look at the location to see if it is online or in-person.

What is my expiration date?
You can check on the class calendar when you sign up for a class. The date right before your name is your expiration date (YY/MM/DD). You can also view this video to see how to look at your Agenda View Tab to see how many classes you have left.

Your Plan Extensions for Shut Down Time
Over the next week, we will be extending your plan by 16 days (the number of class days we were closed - exclusive of pre-planned closure for the holidays).

If you feel you need more time or credits, you can take a look at the Upgrade option on our enrollment form. Upgrading gives you 8 more months and 16 more credits while making your per class price very affordable!

Another option is to extend your time for a fee by filling out the extension request form. Dogs benefit from consistent training in structured settings for their first two or three years.

Client Portal: Handouts
You can go to the Client Portal anytime. It's on the menu on our website and here is a handy link for Family Dog 1 handouts for you.
The password for the Family Dog 1 Portal is iLoveMyDog23 (please note the case of the letters in the password.)
Contact us if you need the link for the Puppy or Family Dog 2 Portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully this email will answer most questions. Please contact us by our email form if you have more questions. We will get back to you just as quickly as we can. We have had a big surge of communications lately, and are taking longer than usual to get back to people.

Take care and stay healthy!
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