April 1, 2021

Dear LFHS Students and Families,

I hope all of you had a relaxing Spring Break and a positive transition back to learning. We are excited to welcome students back to campus on Monday, April 5th. Prior to Spring Break, fourth quarter information was shared with students and families to assist with planning. Please review this information, prior to Monday. 

As a reminder, here is the schedule for next week (April 5th). We have a shortened week, due to an embedded emergency day. 

Completing the Screener Prior to Arriving on Campus
Please complete the daily health screener, prior to arriving on campus. It takes the screener a few minutes to download responses during high traffic times. This will also help with quick and easy access to the building. Grade level screeners can be found directly on our website

Waiting List for In-Person Learning 
At this time, we are not able to accommodate additional in-person learning requests. With plans to welcome over 1100 students for in-person learning, every addition requires a reconfiguration of spaces and/or moving entire classes of students to different rooms. We have configured these spaces according to the requests received and have optimized learning spaces as much as possible, so additional space is very limited and may not be available in all of a students classes.

Students interested in returning for in-person learning will need to be added to a wait list that will get reviewed on a rolling basis. Parents will need to complete this FORM to request in-person learning for a student. Please do not email or call offices with this request. Dated and time stamped requests will be managed through this FORM

Parents/students will be contacted, if we are able to accommodate the request. We will do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible. 

Requests to Permanently Change to Remote
After the return to in-person learning is underway, if a student/family has a request to permanently change a student’s learning preference to remote for the remainder of the school year, please contact my assistant, Kat Berger (kberger@lfschools.net), with the request. These types of requests will need to go through this office, since this type of change directly impacts other processes that this office manages. 

Updates in PowerSchool
As previously communicated, we have continued to update PowerSchool with information regarding our staff providing in-person instruction. An additional update will be made by Friday evening, in preparation for Monday, April 5th.  

With so many students and staff returning, it will feel good to transition back to being together while also staying connected with our students engaging in remote learning. Next week will likely feel like a whirlwind for everyone, but we are committed and will continue to do our best to foster a safe and supportive learning environment for our students and staff. The building will look different for students and staff returning for the first time and it will also feel different. An optimistic attitude and the consideration of the safety of others will go a long way for everyone. WE CAN DO THIS!

Looking forward,
Chala Holland
LFHS Principal