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Need to Schedule a Virtual Open House or Broker Tour?
New Pinergy Update Makes It Easy!
MLS PIN has just made it possible (and easy) to create, schedule, and edit virtual open houses and virtual broker tours directly in Pinergy ( this video walks you through it ) . The process is simple: 
  • From your “Listings,” choose either the Open House or Broker Tour button. 

  • When creating a new event, be sure to choose “Virtual” for the new “Event Type” (the default is “In-Person”).

  • Enter the URL for the online event into the Event URL field. 

  • To make an already-scheduled event a “Virtual” one, choose “Edit,” and change its event type to “Virtual.” Then enter the event’s URL into the Event URL field.

  • The “virtual event” information will be available to all data access customers and via searches in Pinergy as well as third-party sites like Realtor.com (though there is no guarantee that any particular site will display an event link).

  • If your event will be both “Virtual” and “In-Person,” you must create two separate events.
Please note: the new “Event Type” can’t be created or edited in Pinergy Mobile, but we’ve provided a link in that product that will take you to the full Pinergy website, where you can proceed with making the event type virtual. 
Going forward, both in-person and virtual open houses and broker tours may be the norm in our industry, and we hope this new Pinergy feature helps you navigate these changes. 
All of our best,

Your MLS PIN Team