I love the BIG handle on the Addi Swing hook

Dear yarn loving friends,

I’m currently knitting a Sunday Cardigan on big needles. The pattern is written for a bulky gauge and I’m using three strands of yarn, all feeding through my fingers, across the needles, and into the cardigan.

Sometimes I only get two strands of yarn to catch on the needles. That other strand drops and becomes a loop that lies on the surface of the knitting.

I usually don’t notice a dropped loop until I’m several rows beyond. Then I use a crochet hook to drop the stitch and go back to the pesky loop. I was using a tiny crochet hook that I stole from my sock knitting bag and found that it just does not work very well. I needed a bigger diameter hook.

Then I thought about the Addi Swing crochet hooks that we sell. Out came that hook and, wow, did it make a big difference. Now I could rip a stitch back for an inch or two and then “climb the ladder” as I used the crochet hook to reassemble the knitting.

The Addi Swing crochet hook is ergonomically balanced and feels good to use. That’s a big concern for crocheters who keep the hook in their hand for several hours at a time. As a knitter, what I really like about this hook is the large plastic handle. When I drop this hook into my knitting bag, I can find it easily!

Once again, I’m reminded of the importance of using the right tool for a job.

We carry Addi needles and crochet hooks. Take a look at what we have to offer and see if there is a “right tool for the job” that you can add to your knitting and crocheting. You just might find, like I did, that doing an upgrade from an old tool to a new one will make your needlework much more enjoyable.

Happy knitting and crocheting,


PS You will find links below to two FREE patterns from Graywood Designs — one for a crocheted coaster that is a quick project that would be great to enclose with a holiday greeting card. The other is for our Sensibility Shawl — an engaging lace knit that uses worsted weight yarn. And, because I know some of you will be curious about the Sunday Cardigan, there’s a link to that pattern which is a paid download on Ravelry. Cheers!

Addi Swing Crochet Hooks
Addi Swing Crochet Hook Set
FREE pattern download Scrappy Crocheted Coaster By Graywood Designs
FREE pattern download Sensibility Shawl By Graywood Designs
Sunday Cardigan uses bulky yarn Download from Ravelry