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In Praise of Our Caregivers
February 19, 2021 is National Caregivers Day, a chance to recognize professionals and volunteers who care for those who need it the most, like our elderly and special needs family members. This is appropriate especially during these times.

A 2020 report by the National Alliance on Caregiving says the number of family caregivers has increased in the last five years by 9.5 million, while the caregivers' health has deteriorated. Also, three out of five family caregivers hold down jobs in addition to their duties at home.
In addition, with the pandemic, some elderly could not attend their senior day center activities and their admission to institutions has been delayed. Some elderly citizens were temporally taken home by their families, removed from their assisted living facilities, nursing homes and group homes. We may see the light at the end of the tunnel but for these families there may be few more months to face with challenging situations.

So what can we do for the people on the front lines, who do extraordinary work every day to take care of our seniors and those with special needs, while risking their own health? Here are some thoughts on gifts for a caregiver you may know.

Food and Drinks

Cookies and brownies are almost guaranteed to brighten a caregiver's day! Also, perhaps a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant.


Sometimes caregivers are so busy providing the care, they don't have time to do their own shopping. While they may go online to order groceries, you can save them the trouble by doing the shopping and delivery for them, especially in areas where online delivery isn't available.

Yard Work

It's hard enough to find time to do yard work for any of us, especially for caregivers. An offer to do this will go a long way.

House Work

The same goes for cleaning, setting the dinner table, and other household chores. Occasionally pitching in will bring great relief to the caregiver.

Gifts That Pamper

A gift certificate for a massage or manicure can relieve tension and make a caregiver feel more mentally and physically relaxed than they have felt in a long time!

Whichever way you decide to assist a caregiver, you are letting them know they are not alone and that their work is greatly appreciated. This will help the person they are caring for even more, because you are allowing the caregiver to be at their best.

If you have questions about caregiving, finding an appropriate caregiver, or getting through the healthcare system maze, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We are here to help.
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