In Prov 2 - February 2019
From our dioceses:
Diocese of Albany
Regardless of the weather outside, it will most assuredly be Spring inside the Cathedral... The three-day event will include dozens of floral displays, workshops and presentations offered by area floral professionals, a flower market and luncheon cafe.  Find out more >
Diocese of Central New York
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
Joel Nafuma Refugee Center - Afghan refugees living on the streets by Ostiense - last weekend. It’s cold and wet, and they try to stay dry and warm, but its very hard. This is why we need to give sleeping bags.
Diocese of Cuba
6 Water Purification Systems installed in 2 weeks! A team from St. David's Church of Radner, PA and the Clean Drinking Water Team installed systems in Moron, Jiqui and Ciego de Avila. Meanwhile, a team from the Friends of the Episcopal Church of Cuba installed systems in Jobabo, Bartle and Manati.  Read more:
Diocese of Haiti
​Violent protests in Haiti against the government are threatening the country with a humanitarian crisis. President Jovenel Moïse is refusing to resign, there is mounting debt, and allegations of corruption.
Diocese of Long Island
Bishop Elect Franklin
Bishop Lawrence Provenzano has announced the appointment of Bishop R. William Franklin, of Tonawanda, NY, as an Assisting Bishop in the Diocese of Long Island. Bishop Provenzano said, "Bishop Bill Franklin is a wonderfully  gifted bishop, whose experience and wisdom will add a great deal to the overall ministry of our diocese. I look forward to welcoming my esteemed friend and colleague to the staff of the diocese."  Read more >
Diocese of Newark
How the Way of Love can support Living Local - After years of Going Local, many congregations in the Diocese of Newark are now engaging in Living Local: listening, praying, reflecting on scripture through Dwelling in the Word, experimenting and following the Spirit of God into the neighborhoods where we live, work, worship, and play. We’ve been discerning what God is already up to, where God is active out ahead of us, and trying new ways of connecting with God and our neighbors. Read more >
Diocese of New Jersey
From Christ Church, Toms River: Mother Petrina blessed bags of soup mix created by our 11:30 Sunday School. The bags will be distributed at our pantry. Great job!
Diocese of New York
Rural & Migrant Ministry (RMM) is an integral part of the mission of the Diocese of New York. ​ Find out more >
Diocese of Rochester
St. Luke’s and St. Simon Cyrene was full in the celebration of the Blessed Absalom Jones. Blessed Absalom Jones was the first African American priest in the Episcopal Church (Ordained in 1804). Our Diocese gathered this past Saturday to celebrate with a liturgy and eucharist and much singing! Some brought a dish from thier cultural roots for the fellowship gathering that followed. A presentation of “Bringing Harriet Tubman to life” by Maggie Moore-Holley, who did a wonderful job channeling Harriet Tubman!Enjoy the slide show and hear some of the music!
Diocese of the Virgin Islands
The Dioceses of Alabama and the Virgin Islands have agreed to renew their Companion Relationship until January 2022. Alabama's decision was formally made at its 188th Diocesan Convention, which took place at Camp McDowell from February 8th to 10th. The resolution noted that since the relationship began three years ago, it "has grown, as envisioned, engaging multiple levels of relationship with clergy development, youth engagement, and spiritual deepening" and that "parish to parish relationships have begun". Read more >
Diocese of Western New York
When the people of St. John’s, Youngstown realized that their community’s senior van was worn out and in need of replacement, they wanted to help. This past April, they kicked off a fund drive to buy a new van for the village, and this past Thursday, January 24, a brand new 2019 Chrysler Pacifica was dedicated.  Read the story >
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Free Lent Madness Stuff!
Supreme Executive Committee on February 18, 2019
Here at Lent Madness we’re purveyors of free things — grace (fine, that’s from God), brackets (you can print your own), and this entire Lenten devotion — despite our regular hawking of Saintly Scorecards and Bracket Posters, there is no cost to participate in Lent Madness. Find out more>
Life Transformed: The Way of Love in Lent and Easter
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The journey through Lent into Easter is a journey with Jesus. We are baptized into his life, self-giving, and death; then, we rise in hope to life transformed. This Lent, communities are invited to walk with Jesus in his Way of Love and into the experience of transformed life. Together, we will reflect anew on the loving actions of God as recounted in the Easter Vigil readings. Together, we will walk through the depths of salvation history into the fullness of redemption.
Provincial Council
President:   The Rev. Dahn Dean Gandell (Rochester)
Vice-President:  The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe   (Central New York )
Secretary:  Canon Paul Ambos, Esq.   (NJ)
Treasurer:   Canon Phyllis Jones (NJ)
Lay Representative to Executive Council:  Canon Noreen Duncan  
Clerical Representative to Provincial Council:  The Very Rev. Joell Szachara   (Central New York)
Clerical Representative to Executive Council:  The Rev. Lillian Davis-Wilson (Western New York) 
Lay Representative to Provincial Council:  Yvonne O’Neal   (New York)
Episcopal Representative to Provincial Council:  The Rt. Rev. William H. (“Chip”) Stokes  (New Jersey)
Treasurer Elect:  Canon Phyllis Jones (NJ)
Webmaster, Editor, InProv2  Ms. Jan Paxton  (NJ)
Chair, Synod Planning Committee Dorothy-Jane Connolly  (Albany)