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Please join us in remembrance of Bob Bratty. T hank you to all who sent words of sentiment, Jeff says it for all of us.

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Bob Bratty
A pioneer in Pacific Grove real estate. 
The Pacific Grove community and the Monterey Peninsula lost a great man this weekend, Bob Bratty. Bob Bratty was a pioneer in real estate including property management with a landmark office located on an iconic corner in downtown PG, (Forest and Lighthouse) the building stood the test of time for decades and it is still there today as a Sotheby's office.
It’s losses like this, when I reflect on the wonderful influencers I’ve been fortunate to have had in my life, the mentors who for whatever reason chose to take me under their wing and “show me the ropes.” Bob Bratty was one of these people- I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from him and not just about real estate, it was much more than that, things like how to run a board meeting, how to lead, how to treat people - he worked side-by-side with his wife every day. He was a big family man, any chance he got he would go to Bass Lake with his kids and grandkids just to enjoy family time- in fact that is where he retired.
I have a lot of great memories with Bob Bratty especially from being on the Board of the then Monterey Association of Realtors. I remember him running our meetings in the Munras office or running our marketing meetings up at the Elks lodge, wow, in light of this pandemic, I sure miss those meetings at the Elks Lodge. He was the President and I was his President-Elect and he spearheaded the merger of the Monterey and Carmel and Salinas Associations for our Monterey Association. I was very excited about becoming president after him, and I’ll never forget the time when he called me in to tell me he has good news and better news - the merger is going to happen and so there are 3 Presidents-elect all hoping to be President of the newly formed Monterey County Association of Realtor’s he said, “Kid, you didn’t make it. It’s going to be Kent Nelson" - implying that our members would be better off without me as the President. 
I also remember when we were on the Board of Directors of CAR and Bob and I had to travel together - so we would go to all the CAR quarterly meetings together - Bob was just an amazing guy , he didn’t have to make a lot of noise to be noticed or to get attention, he was someone that our Realtor colleagues respected and everybody liked him and everybody knew him - he was the kind of person who didn’t have to raise his voice to make his point- people just listened to what he had to say. 
Bob and others like him during the 1980’s and 90’s helped shape our local real estate business and the Association of Realtors so that it could become what it is today. We should all acknowledge his contribution and be forever thankful for people like Bob Bratty. 

Jeff Davi
Monterey Peninsula Home Team
KW Coastal Estates
Bob and Dru Bratty
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June 26, 2020

Dear REALTOR ® ,

Today, the California State Legislature passed a strong bipartisan measure (Assembly Constitutional Amendment 11) co-sponsored by the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and the California Professional Firefighters that is poised to be placed on the November ballot. This new ballot initiative is known as “The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act” (ACA 11).
This is great news as it builds on C.A.R.’s original initiative, strengthening the provisions we care most about and incorporates dedicated funding for fire protection and emergency response to safeguard millions of lives in communities across the state. The new initiative will continue to expand Proposition 13 property tax portability for all homeowners over 55 years old, people with severe disabilities, and wildfire victims by removing unfair location and cost restrictions to allow homeowners to move anywhere in the state. In addition, it will open up housing inventory throughout California, creating home ownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers.
This legislative solution passed through the California State Legislature with two-thirds support in the State Assembly and State Senate with strong bipartisan support. Together, C.A.R. and the California Professional Firefighters built an unprecedented broad and diverse coalition including local elected officials, business groups, labor, agriculture, Republicans and Democrats. Some of the supporters include the California Farm Bureau, California Fresh Fruit Association, California Forestry Association, California Business Roundtable, California Building Industry Association, California Business Properties Association, California Cattlemen’s Association, as well as wildfire victims, local elected officials, school officials, and senior groups. 
This updated initiative generates hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue for local governments and school districts without raising property tax rates. It also creates a historic dedicated Fire Response Fund providing needed revenue to help protect millions of homes and lives across the state, including dedicated revenue for historically underfunded fire districts in rural and urban communities.
In addition, the initiative will provide added tax relief for California’s family-owned farms and ranches. The additional tax savings for a farmer or rancher will help protect generational farming.
Lastly, the initiative continues to constitutionally protect the right for parents and grandparents to pass the family home to their children and grandchildren so they can afford to live in the home as intended by Propositions 58 and 193. Since family transfer benefits have been under attack and face potential elimination, this initiative protects family homes for Californians.
The next step is for Governor Newsom to sign legislation in the next few days that will officially place ACA 11 on the ballot.
We are in an even stronger position to pass this important initiative that will improve housing affordability, benefit communities, and all Californians. I appreciate your support. Our team will be providing you with updates soon on how to get involved.
Jeanne Radsick
C.A.R. President
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