BGCS Newsletter Vol. I #5, December 12, 2018
"All Things Bluegrass Country Soul: Past, Present & Future"

2019 is looking like it will be a very busy year for us. We’ll have lots of announcements and stories about everything we’ll be working on in preparation for the “World of Bluegrass” in Raleigh, and the Premiere of our restored film in Owensboro in October. Please tell everyone you know within the bluegrass community about our website. Or forward this newsletter to your friends. That will be a great help to us. Thank you.

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Albert Ihde
Who are The Bull Mountain Boys?
The Bull Mountain Boys perform “White House Blues” on the Blue Grass Park stage in Camp Springs, NC.
On Thursday, September 2, 1971, Carlton Haney’s Labor Day Weekend Bluegrass Music Festival opened with a celebration of “Old Time Music," a tribute to J.E. Mainard and Charlie Poole. One of the many groups that performed called themselves The Bull Mountain Boys. We have tried to contact the members of this group, but so far our files (which are 47 years old) lack important information. In addition to identifying and contacting each member of the group, we are particularly interested in finding the vocalist and guitarist, who we have listed as Lee Baxter Thomas. However, we may have written down his name incorrectly. He might be “Thomas Lee Baxter.”
Bull Mountain Boys
Bull Mountain Boys
Bull Mountain Boys Fiddler
Bull Mountain Boys' fiddler
Do any of our readers have any information that might lead us to getting in touch with the musicians pictured above?
We are preparing our hard-cover book about this festival and everyone who performed there , and The Bull Mountain Boys is a mystery we really want to solve.
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Behind the Scenes at a Bluegrass Festival

Preparing for the shoot on Thursday, September 2, 1971, members of our production team check sound and lights on stage in Camp Springs, NC. (Top left), Technical Assistant Jeffrey Abramson, Soundman John Dildine, (lower left to right) Master Electrician Billy Eggleston and Director of Photography Robert Kaylor.
Among the many reasons we wanted to reissue Bluegrass Country Soul in a box-set is to commemorate the extraordinary production team that joined together to make this film happen in such a brief period of time. In the photo above are 4 of the 15 member crew who came to North Carolina that Labor Day Weekend. Back then, Kodak film stock required lots of light, which meant importing far more electrical power than Blue Grass Park had ever needed before. When all the lights were turned on, many neighbors up and down the road lost power for a brief time! The whole backstage story will be told in a new documentary, The First Bluegrass Movie, part of our Golden Anniversary, Legacy Edition, now in preparation for release in 2019.
Sound Assistant Sallie Anne Haynes
Here’s another important crew member, Sound Assistant, Sallie Ann Haynes, with her ever present clip-board,
taking notes and getting signatures during interviews in the field.
If you ever considered making a bluegrass movie, you’ll want to read our account of this adventure. Subscribers to this newsletter will be the first to learn all about this commemorative book, DVDs and CDs, and how to have your name in the movie. Plus, there will be a recipe for Carlton Haney’s Blue Grass Park Brunswick Stew. Is your mouth watering just thinking about that? Then stay tuned.
Since this is our last newsletter for 2018, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Seasons’ Greetings, and a very Happy New Year.
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