In Season:  Specialty Melons
We have a nice variety  of specialty melons available! 
Yesterday we cut them up so we can tell you about them.

Item# 1011   
Canary Melons

Canary melons have bright canary-yellow skin and surprising green flesh. They taste very sweet, like a perfectly ripe cantaloupe.

Item# 1018   
Crenshaw Melons

Crenshaw melons have a unique squat shape, buttery-yellow and green skin, and orange flesh. Crenshaw is very fragrant; it tastes like a ripe cantaloupe with notes of cucumber.

Item# 1020   
Galia Melons

Galia melons are a netted variety with green flesh. It's flesh is Firmer, like honeydew. This melon tastes very sweet, with a pallet cleansing finish--making it an ideal intermezzio.

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