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Tropical Fruits
0916 DRAGON FRUIT (aka Pitaya)
Despite their wild outward appearance, dragon fruit flesh is mildly sweet--like a pear with small seeds that give it a texture similar to kiwi. They are ripe when they give to a gentle squeeze.
0960 GUAVA
Sweet and refreshing, guava is popular in smoothies or aqua fresco. It is also popular in Latino pastries. Guava are also eaten as an apple.
Originally jackfruit was popular in curry dishes, but has recently become extremely popular in vegan cuisine often masquerading as pulled pork.
Juicy and sweet; similar to melon in flavor. They are ripe when the fruit is about half yellow and give to gentle pressure. Papayas are a popular in smoothies, but they are an amazing addition to fruit salads and salsas.
1140 STARFRUIT (aka Carambola)
It's taste is similar to a tart apple when green, but sweetens as the fruit turns yellow. When star fruits are yellow with browning edges, they're ripe and ready.
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