To Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester Extended Family,

Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester stands in solidarity with others in Boston and all across this country as we express outrage for the brutal murder of George Floyd. His death along with the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor have pulled back the veil on systemic racism in this country. We believe it is our moral duty to help dismantle the belief systems that led to their deaths, and countless others before them. For far too long, Black, Brown and Indigenous people have been oppressed, suffered and died because of the color of their skin. These losses and injustices are a source of great pain, anger, despair, frustration and sorrow for our Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester community, and we mourn each passing.  
Over the past few weeks our staff has spent a lot of time talking about how to best guide our young people through these tumultuous times. We’ve spent even more time listening, learning and seeking expert counsel to inform the difficult conversations we know we must have to heal our children, Dorchester, Boston, America and our world. Dorchester is home to more than 50 races and ethnicities, and our Club is a richly diverse anchor that sits in the middle of this community. Inside our three clubhouses, the safety, health and well-being our young people has always been our priority. Recent events in our country and our city have been traumatic for our young people, and we are compelled to do more. 
Shaping tomorrow’s leaders is what we do best. Since opening our doors in 1974 the Clubs have fostered an environment of acceptance, tolerance, respect, and inclusion. Age appropriate, open, honest conversations about race are necessary, and BGCD is committed to giving young people the building blocks they need to be curious, form their opinions, use their voice to affect positive change and be heard. All over the country, and here in Dorchester, our young people are peacefully leading the way toward healing racial injustices and beyond the inequities that have prevented people of color from
achieving their full potential. 
In solidarity, #WeAreDorchester,
Bob Scannell
President & CEO