Love In Action
September 2, 2020
All events are open and drop-ins are welcome, unless otherwise stated. If no contact person is listed, call or email the office with questions.
Sunday, September 6
“Making Space”: With the pandemic, many of us are spending much more time at home than before.The “new normal” will likely mean more change. In her book Your Spacious Self, Stephanie Bennett Vogt suggests that decluttering the stuff we live with can reopen not only the spaces around the house, but also our hearts to new ideas and adventures.

In preparation for this Sunday's sermon: pick one item of your stuff you want to “stay” or “don’t know.” Write or tell someone the story of how it found you and what it has meant to you. You will have the opportunity to share these reflections on this Sunday's connection card or by emailing us if you want your story shared.

Guest Speaker: Ollie Howe is a familiar presence around All Souls worship services. A lifelong Unitarian Universalist, he has been a leader at All Souls for the past 40 years. Barb and Ollie have been downsizing their home since retiring last fall.

Join via Zoom here. Meeting ID: 835 1871 5320 One tap mobile +19294362866,,83518715320.
Check out our past services on our YouTube channel here.
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Ingathering and Water Ceremony: Water Gathering Drive-up Event. September 12, 11am-1pm,
All Souls Parking Lot

I am enjoying meeting you all by phone and by Zoom – one way we’re beginning our interim ministry together in these extraordinary times.

And I really miss Sundays in person. Some worship finds its greatest meaning through our physical experiences of them. The water ceremony central in many Unitarian Universalist ingathering services is especially meaningful as a physical experience symbolizing our deep connections in this web of life.

So please drive to the church on Saturday, September 12, and bring your ingathering water to be gathered for the Sunday service. Bring water from someplace special for you: from your home, your garden, your backyard pool – from any place having deep meaning to you. And if you can’t get the water from the exact place, bring some tap water! Because in fact the odds are almost certain that the water you bring will include molecules from that meaningful place.

When you arrive, you’ll be directed to drive next to a table in the parking lot. I’ll be there, at a safe distance, because I want to meet you in person! And as you pour that water I will invite you to tell me about the meaning in it. And (if it’s OK with you) I’d like to share in worship the next morning what you tell me about the place, the people, or the meaning in that water.

There will be several other tables in the parking lot for the Drive-up Water Gathering everyone who is picking up Resource Bags for classes and faith formation (everything will be sanitized and distant for our common safety).

Drive-up to church on Sept. 12 between 11 and 1! Bring water for Ingathering and take home resources and love.

Rev. Joel Miller
"Depolarizing Within” Online Workshop, September 9, 6:30pm FREE
You are probably deeply concerned about how Americans will react to the outcome of the November 3rd elections, no matter who wins! Much of today’s polarization is driven by how we talk with like-minded people about those on the other side. Too often, we stereotype, dismiss, or ridicule our fellow citizens who support the other political party, its leaders, and its policies. Bloomington resident (and UU) Miles Eddy will be moderating the Braver Angels workshop called “Depolarizing Within.” This free two and a half hour online workshop is co-sponsored by UU Bloomington Just Peace Task Force and Bloomington Friends Meeting (i.e. Quaker). UU and Quaker Churches across Indiana are being invited where we will become more aware of our own "inner polarizer" and learn how to be critical without demonizing, dismissing, or stereotyping large swaths of the population. 
This workshop is open to the public. To register visit Questions? Contact Miles Eddy at
Socially Distant Meditation Meet-up.
Tuesdays, 6:30pm. All Souls Lawn
Member Erik Mroz will lead a group in meditation. We will practice very simple forms of sitting meditation and walking meditation. Both practices are from the Zen tradition but do not require you to “believe” in anything. Beginners are welcome. To stay safe, the All Souls task force has asked that only 5 people be allowed on the grounds at once. If you are interested in attending, please email Erik Mroz. We will meet in the grassy area in front of the church entrance. Please bring a chair, cushion, or yoga mat (also welcome to sit on the ground). Please wear masks.
Race is Fake; Racism is Real (Learn and Lead: Race to Justice #1) Online Workshop FREE. Thursday, Sept. 17. 1-2:30pm
The conversation about race is difficult and complex.There are many takes, many sides and much heated debate. This particular Learn and Lead series, Race to Justice, will help you understand the ways racism manifests in our culture and provide practical ways that you can apply the knowledge in your personal and public life and in the life of your congregation. The Race to Justice series is led by subject matter expert on race and racism Dr. Michael R. Twyman. Register here.
Care Calls During COVID
During the month of September, expect a friendly call from a fellow member or friend of All Souls Indy, just checking in to say hi and see how things are going for you. The Program Council and Caring Committee want to ensure our church family continues to feel connected during these times when we cannot meet in person. So, along with some volunteers, we are planning to give everyone a call. There’s no ulterior motive to our calls—we’re not asking for money or service–so don’t be scared to give us a call back if we leave you a message. 
Oh, and if you’re interested in helping us make these calls, please contact Julia VanDeren ( / 317-552-9412)
Register your children for 2020-2021 Faith Formation!
Fall is almost here, and we’re so excited to welcome you back to our virtual faith formation programs! We’ve got hands-on resource bags, new busy bag resources, and curricula optimized for online use, as well as a wonderful group of caring volunteers. Log in to Realm, make sure your kids have been added to your account, and register here!
Community Garden Planning Group
Do you love getting your fingers into soil? Do you have knowledge about permaculture, composting, or native plants? Or do you simply want a way to connect with our Earth and wider community? This is for you! We are looking forward to planning our community garden for the coming Spring. The Planning Group will provide gardening knowledge, and serve as the sounding board for staff as we plot out the garden, and figure out how to be in community safely in Covid times. Email Nasreen Khan to indicate interest.
Adult Subscription Bags!
Several adults asked this summer about getting their hands on Messy ChUUrch supplies! So, as we’re planning out our quarterly Makerspace resource bags, we’d like to gauge interest in adult subscriptions! Our virtual Makerspace will be open from 9:30 to 10:30 am on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month beginning September 27th. While folks are always welcome to bring their own craft projects, the supply bags provide everything participants need to do an “activity of the week.” Does this sound like your jam? Fill out our interest survey here!
Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) in the Age of the Coronavirus
This particularly tough time for the homeless in Indianapolis provides All Souls with another opportunity to fulfill the “and service is its law” part of our covenant. Due to a recent CARES Act grant through the city of Indianapolis, Family Promise is now able to rent another 10 apartments as temporary housing for homeless families.  Teams of churches are outfitting these apartments with household goods. With your generosity, All Souls, along with members/friends of two other churches, are providing household items for one apartment. Please click to donate through SignUp Genius. For additional information text 317-823-7302 or email Thank you for all you do for the homeless!
All Souls Feedback Procedure
All Souls Unitarian Church is guided by the seven UU principles, including our beliefs in mutual respect and democratic process. Thus, we strive to respond to serious concerns with an interest in resolving them as well as possible to the satisfaction of all parties. Concerns should be communicated to the senior minister.
Words from Our DCCP
If you have not yet registered your children for our 2020-2021 faith formation programs, please register them here. Log into Realm before you do will make life easier! New and don’t have a Realm invitation? Email me!  If you do not have a child in our Faith Formation programs, this is your last week to express interest in an adult Makerspace subscription bag (see the link elsewhere in this week’s In the Know.) Whether you ask for a bag or not, you are always welcome to bring your latest project and join us on our Makerspace calls on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month!
Decluttering during Covid? You can help our children’s faith formation programs! At the moment, we need:
•T-shirts in solid colors with no staining and no print/logo below the armpits
•Yarn of all colors, particularly natural fibers, and most particularly white or cream wool or cotton yard (not a blend) such as Cascade 220, which we need for dyeing later in the year.
•Empty flower pots, 4” to 10” diameter
In fellowship,
Sarah Cannon
In Our Hearts, Thoughts, and Prayers
Longtime member Irene Baird passed away on August 31, 2020. Irene was unable to physically attend at All Souls in the last years of her life, but treasured this community and continued to participate from afar.
Jennie Forehand has been suffering increasing problems related to Alzheimer's disease and has been moved her to a memory care facility (Bickford of Greenwood, IN). The Forehands would appreciate cards, notes, and calls.

Bill and Jenny Forehand
6046 Creekbend Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Bill’s phone number is: (301) 502-2439 if you’d like to phone him.
Fern Page has suffered a minor heart attack. She is home and doing well. She would enjoy cards and notes! Fern’s mailing address is:

Fern Page
5927 Compton Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Cherilyn Baney has had a moderate stroke and was hospitalized. She has a little weakness on the right side and will be doing outpatient Occupational Therapy. She would appreciate cards.

Cherilyn Baney
Former member Ken Kern's celebration of life was held on August 29. We hold the Kern family, and especially Ken's wife Cheryl in our hearts.
Edward Eakle, uncle of member Crystal Francis, has passed. She is unable to attend the funeral because of COVID restrictions and asks for your thoughts and prayers.

If you have a joy or concern to share with the community, please email
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