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Welcome to our  monthly E-letter (December edition)!


Charles Harvey visionalised panels of mundane astrologers advising policy makers. The 2014 transits challenge us to do just this. This edition offers the astro-facts and expert insight to encourage you to contribute.

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Roy Gillett, President


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Israel and the Middle East 2014  

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Here is a description of the foundation of Modern  Israel from Nicholas Campion's Book of World Horoscopes

'The meeting began at precisely 4.00 p.m. ... when Ben Gurion, the first prime minister, struck the table with his gavel, the audience then rose spontaneously and burst into the Hatikva, the anthem of the Zionistmovement. It is clear that Ben Gurion himself regarded 4.00 p.m. as the critical time, noting in his diary: "At four the Proclamation of Independence." '  


The 2014 Israel solar return comes less than a month after a key Uranus-Pluto square, and amidst an ongoing grand cross. With such tension in the planetary transits; will 2014 bring unimaginable terror to the Middle East, or will the sheer climax of intensity force the parties into finding resolution because not achieving it is too terrible to imagine?

Click here to see the birth and solar return charts


Could the skills of mundane astrology help us find an answer?  As an objective test, I put the following four simple questions to two expert astrologers, who have very different perspectives of the Middle East.  See at the end a way for you to join in the discussion.


What are your main qualifications, work and experience?


Meira B. Epstein C.A., NCGR-PAA


An international lecturer and teacher from New York, USA, who specialises in preparation for 
NCGR studies of Helle
nistic, Medieval and Uranian astrology. She has the translated of the Hebrew books of Abraham Ibn Ezra and sent her replies a few days before visiting Israel to lecture on astrology.


Meira:: A while back I gave a lecture titled: "Kings, Prophets and Visionaries" which examines the history of the Jewish Nation going backward in time, using the chart of May 14, 1948.  Fascinating stuff!

Roy: The astrology of the Middle East going back thousands of years is indeed fascinating. Have you looked at the Destruction of the Temple in August 70 AD in relation to the modern Israeli chart?   [Noon , 4th August 70 C.E., Jerusalem]

Meira: Yes I did !


Hakan Kirkoghu M.A. D.F.Astrol.S ISAR CAP


Hakan teaches a four year programme at 

his Istanbul-based astrology school. He lectures internationally and has written four books. Currently he is studying for a second MA in the history of astrology at the Ottoman Court, focusing on its late 18th century chief astrologer Halil Efendi.



Hakan and I presented a study: Middle East-Past, Present and Future at the 2013 Astrological Association Conference.

Click here to see the charts we  used.


Click here to read Meira's and Hakan's comments




 Andre Barbault's

The Value of Astrology


Available in English 

at Last!



'When the history of twentieth century European astrology is finally written, Andr� Barbault will be given an honoured place: over the course of his life Barbault has encountered most of the major astrologers in Europe, including C.G.Jung. This book includes some of his most important writing on astrology's value, nature and significance, developed over more than half-a-century of study, and available for the first time in English.'   

Nicholas Campion, author of A History of Western Astrology.


A key landmark for mundane astrology in 2014 will be the publication of Andr� Barbault's The Value of Astrology   (translated from L'astrologie certifi�e).  At last English readers can be enriched by the deep insights of Andre's long life.


It has taken a whole Jupiter cycle's international endeavour to fill a most glaring gap in 20th century astrology, to make Andre Barbault's astrology available in English, writes English Editor Roy Gillett. 


At an Organisation for Professional Astrology (OPA) retreat held at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, that I first heard Monica Domino (the highly-regarded US teacher and consultant) describe how, married to a diplomat living in Venezuela, she had learnt astrology from Andre's books; first teaching herself French to do so!


Two years later and thousands of miles away, Charles Ridoux invited me to a Medieval  Studies Conference at the Chateau de Rambures in Northern France, where I was introduced to Andre by Didier Castille.  Even with little common language between us, the power of astrology enabled immediate fraternal understanding, as it had with my French-speaking predecessors, Charles Harvey and Charles Carter, before me. Now at last, readers of Andre's book in English can feel the same.


Conferences in England, France and USA developed the links. These crystallised when Wendy Stacey proposed to Council that The Astrological Association sponsor the translation and publication of a book by Andre that he recommended. He chose

L'Astrologie Certifiee because it included his wide and deep understanding of the early, classical and medieval history of astrology, as well as its place in modern psychology and statistics, and, crucially, in-depth records of his fifty years of mundane projections, alongside detailed accounts of what occurred. Pervading the whole book is his Kepler-like rigorous concern for a responsible and realistic astrology, while he still holds with spiritual wonder to the interactive wholeness of the individual and the Universe. 


For the past two years, I have had the privilege to coordinate the devoted scholarship of Didier Castille, Andre's close associate, and Kate Johnston, a dedicated translator. Their work complete; in January 2014, at last the English speaking world can touch the wisdom of eighty years study of astrology by this exceptional human being.


Get to know Andre Barbault; click here to view a YouTube extract from his 2005 interview with Lynn Bell


Get to know The Value of Astrology.

Click  here to view a collection of extracts from the book


Click here to be told when the Value of Astrology is on sale. 



Dennis Elwell

  • 30 years of computer development has enabled mundane astrologers to study cycles over thousands of years in the briefest fraction of the time taken  to calculate manually, while also seeing precisely into the minutiae of events. So, it is with the deepest respect we re-publish Dennis Elwell's manually-prepared mundane study of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction, written in November 1965.
  • Dennis writings and ideas have appeared in The Astrological Journal  regularly between 1960 and 2012.



    [From The Astrological Journal Winter 1965-66 Volume 8 number 1]


    Those who hold that the Great Pyramid contains secrets of the future of mankind say its venerable stones point to 1966 as a significant year. Adam Rutherford, perhaps the leading authority on pyramid lore, reckons the Millennium will begin in 1979, and sees 1966 as marking a step to-wards it.


     Cheery news indeed, but not something, regrettably, that the astrologer - with his more pedestrian science - is able to confirm. Not that he can deny it either, because astrology's subject matter seems to be confined to plotting the effects of causes already set in motion, and it is doubtful if some quite new departure would fall within the province of the stars. I mean that astrology deals with one order of events, an order in which there is a large measure of predestination, but some events in both individual and collective life undoubtedly belong to a different order, and are connected with spiritual freedom.


     However, 1966 has its share of striking configurations, notably the drawn-out conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the middle of the sign Virgo. This combination of the planet of disruption with Pluto, planet of eruption, can be expected to rock a good many boats!  It is hardly surprising that in Great Britain the National Health Service and the trades unions, both Virgo institutions are due for a shake-up.


     More important, Virgo has to do with the march of the machines. I expect the struggle between the technocrats and the champions of human individualism to reach unprecedented heights of ferocity. Perhaps laboratory and computer techniques will push forward into areas formerly regarded as sacrosanct. Configurations of this sort are compatible with a major breakthrough on the technological front, with the inevitable challenge to moral and human values. It is difficult for us to appreciate, because we are too close to it, how profoundly the passage of Pluto and Uranus through Virgo (the sign of implementation and instrumentality) is shaping the mood of the times. Never before has there been such confusion between means and ends: we have raised expertise, even simple know-how, into a goal in itself.


     Social historians of the future will seize on James Bond as a symbol of the sixties, for he owed his success not so much to the sadism or violence of his adventures as to his obsessive concern with the pure mechanics of existence, his absorption in the minute details of  such diverse arts as cooking and killing. With Pluto's entry into Virgo ten years ago the cry went up 'Show me how!' - and everything that has met this demand has prospered. Consider the remarkable phenomenon of the do-it-yourself movement, for example. At a different level 007 also shows us how, and we follow every gesture with compulsive interest.


     Bond extends his utilitarian approach to women, who are less people than objects for gratification. This sort of dehumanization is one of the dangers of our age. When, inspired by forces of Virgo, we focus our attention on the means we are apt to lose sight of the ends. We ought to remind ourselves now and again that where we are going is more important than how we get there. Observe, for instance, how contraception has become a strictly technical problem and how (except in the Church of Rome) the moral implications of the sexual freedom bestowed by the Pill have been pushed into the background. 


     Dennis' article continued here...



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    Louise Vergette-Lynn

    Combiled by Louise Vergette-Lynn
     AA Social Media Coordinator


    New astrology pages and 'groups' are popping up all the time on Facebook. Here's just a small selection, to get you started  You can join groups to get involved in discussions or 'like' pages to get updates.


    Chris Brennan's Professional Astrologer�€™s Group took off massively from June 2013: over 1000 members joined in the first week. In-depth discussions "related to the practice and profession of astrology".


    There's a Mundane Astrologers Group which hosts lively discussions related to mundane astrology, an  Astro Mapping Discussion Group set up by Martin Davis, and a Horary Astrology Group.


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    Solar Fire Software Astrologers Group hosts discussions and questions and answers about the software.


    There are also more pages for Local Astrology Groups on Facebook now, including:

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     UK Local Astrology Groups page and discussion group.


    Read Meira's and Hakan's comments for the Middle East in 2014


    Q1 What does Israel's 2014 Solar Return Chart tell us about the possibilities for that area of the world next year?

    Meira: For Israel I use the 4pm time.


    Israel's charts, clearly point to ongoing conflict.I see two sides coming together, approaching each other with the knowledge that they are not fully in control, not in their full power; collaboration that comes from recognition of "mutually assured destruction", and from real politik of 'give & take'.
    • The process is facilitated by a strong, benevolent go-between; all the parties involved stand to gain from the process.
    • Territorial changes will have to be made and enforced. The land is transformed.
    • Financial belt-tightening will be required. Some of the territorial changes will involve financial transactions and deals.  National debts will have to be dealt with. All this will be done hush-hush behind the scenes.
    • This process is not approved by everybody - possible rioting by groups that feel short-changed. Increased monetary compensation is the answer.
    • On the whole, it looks more like a peace process.
    • The fact that the angles of this SR (solar return) fall in the angles of Israel's nativity, makes this very meaningful also as planetary transits.
    • With SR Jupiter in the 10th House, scientific achievements will make international headlines. See N (natal) Jupiter signification. Also see SR Mercury in 9th House.
    • This SR Mercury conjunct N Mercury, points to an international PR campaign that will be very helpful.

    Hakan:  Israel's solar return which is expected to be effective starting from mid-February 2014 shows Mars closely conjunct with natal Neptune in the first house. This rings a bell for military activities around religious themes.

    • Israel will have her 7th house Aries yearly profection next year and this makes Mars much more central as a year-lord.  Around the same time window, we are going to have cardinal grand cross with retrograde Mars.
    • Hence Mars retrograde makes Israel's plans and attempts much more vulnerable especially in the first half of 2014.
    • Bearing in the mind that Israel natal Mars in Leo/the 11th house and in square to her natal Sun, problems around national identity and pride would be agitated.
    • Current trends in the ME seems also very unsettling, fragile and open to new political risks as the Kurdish population seek more autonomy which has been also a major issue in Turkish domestic politics.
    • Considering future prospects in Syria and fragile position of emerging new diplomatic attempts in Iran, I would expect military strikes and diplomatic movements from Israel in the region amid new political, nationalistic transformation.


    Q. 2)   What other key astro-factors for the nations involved there should we allow for?


    Meira: Some of them (Egypt, Syria) are currently affected by Pluto-in-Capricorn.

    • The Arab World charts seem to be dominated by the Mutable signs.
    • In 2015 Jupiter-in-Leo will highlight the Israel chart, but later, in Virgo it will continue into the Arab world.  Hopefully, there will be enough to go around.
    Caution:  In mundane astrology, there are no benefics. Historic events are always dramatic with winners and losers on all sides.


    Hakan: The last Jupiter-Saturn opposition chart (one of the dated 2010 August) has Venus at 9 degree of Libra where Israel's 2014 SR Mars is positioned. In addition to that, Mars is conjunct with Venus there. I presume, next spring would highlight this tension already seeded in major political cycle of Jupiter-Saturn.

    • Besides to that, current Uranus-Pluto square which will be finalized at 15 degrees of cardinal signs in 2015 reflects that things would not settle down in any foreseeable future.
    • As Jupiter and Saturn are in waning cycle, we would expect an ongoing struggle with no clear political agenda imposed by greater actors in the region like US, Russia and even China.
    • This would take us at least to the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020, heralding a new set of political, cultural and sociological global implications; since the problems in the Middle East are closely tied and in synch with much larger, global perspective.


    Q.3 If you were adviser to the nations' key policy makers, what courses of action would you recommend?


    Hakan:  Of course this depends on which countries' interest I'm considering as this is highly politically interwoven issue!

    • As for Turkey, I would advise politicians to forge much closer economic ties with neighbouring countries which would support stability.
    • Nationalism is the most fragile and potentially explosive topic.
    • Instead of merely looking at the changing circumstances passively, I would suggest them to be politically pro-active and leading actors as possible as they could be,
    • In the meantime, there is a strong need to keep peace and this would only be viable with a stronger and persuasive political and military presence.


    Meira: Understand all the above and make the most of it.


    What do you see? What would you advise?

    Study the charts and have your say at the AA blog :


    JohnDennis Elwell's 1965-66 article (cont.) 


    Bond extends his utilitarian approach to women, who are less people than objects for gratification. This sort of dehumanization is one of the dangers of our age. Wben, inspired by forces of Virgo, we focus our attention on the means we are apt to lose sight of the ends. We ought to remind ourselves now and again that where we are going is more important than how we get there. Observe, for instance, how contraception has become a strictly technical problem and how (except in the Church of Rome) the moral implications of the sexual freedom bestowed by the Pill have been pushed into the background.


     Virgo and Politics

    The Pluto-Uranus conjunction is certain to make itself felt in political events, because Virgo has a strong connection with modern politics and politicians. The pattern of rulership seems to be changing, and nowadays the need is more and more for sheer executive capacity, a mastery of ways and means. Especially is this true in the United States, where the ascent to the top of the tree itself requires skill in handling intricate party machinery. A heavy emphasis in this sign appears in the chart of Lyndon Johnson, and John F. Kennedy had the Moon there.

     Virgo aspects are very likely to denote labour troubles, and one feature of 1966 may be acute industrial unrest. In this country measures to place the trades unions more in the control of the legislature is almost certain to encounter bitter opposition. Strikes (transport or publishing?) are a possibility in the summer, for Mars stands near the 6th cusp in the Cancer ingress for London, in close square to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. 


     But the governments of the world will probably be faced with international tensions stemming from this powerful conjunction, and the cause of these crises is quite clear. Uranus is the cosmic organ of individuality and independence, and Pluto's involvement means that any latent issue concerning national autonomy will be brought to a head. Uranus's first contact with Pluto in the autumn precipitated the troubles in Rhodesia - nothing could be more typical of Uranus than a call for a unilateral independence - and what happened there is likely to be repeated in other parts of the world.Apart from the aforementioned square from Mars to the conjunctionat the summer ingress, a highly inflammatory and even violent configuration, an opposition from the Moon at the Aries ingress (the relevant figure for the spring) will keep the pot boiling.



     The Winter Solstice

    I follow Charles E. 0. Carter in taking the Capricorn ingress as the leading chart of the year. Here the Uranus-Pluto conjunction falls in the 11th house ('friends'), which among other things  ties up with our colonies and Commonwealth countries, and so is an appropriate indication of the Rhodesian crisis. This Solstice chart can produce effects several weeks before it falls due (December 22), and holds sway for nearly a year. The length of time it is operative allows even house positions - apart from bodies on an angle - to make themselves felt.


    One such house position to note is Saturn in the 5th in Pisces, for here there is an antiscion relationship with the London Ascendant. The 5th house has much to do with the lighter side of national life, with holidays and the entire range of entertainment and sport, while Saturn, as is well known, always strikes a serious note and frequently brings losses, even tragedy. Consider as an illustration the New Moon chart for 25 May 1960, which found Saturn on the 5th cusp. It was followed by a disastrous Derby in which the favourite had to be destroyed. The same week Sophia Loren had 185,000 of jewellery, mostly uninsured, stolen from her chalet at Elstree. A speed limit of 50 m.p.h. was imposed for the first time on some roads for the Bank Holiday, and because of the traffic chaos there was talk that Bank Holidays ought to be abolished altogether.


     This gives some idea of what to expect. Saturn here suggests that the winter sport programme may be badly hit by the weather, and it doesn't look very cheerful for holiday weather either. The country may well be shocked by a disaster involving a film star whose name is a household word.

    Saturn is very close to the 8th cusp at Washington, a melancholy portent. It frequently indicates the death of prominent people. At the last Winter Solstice, followed by the death of Churchill, Saturn was not far from the 8th cusp at London. And this is the classical indication of loss of life through mining accidents. (In my forecast for last year I mentioned the possibility of such accidents in May, on the strength of Saturn on the London 8th cusp  at the New Moon. On May 17 there was an explosion at Tonypandy in which 31 miners died). Saturn is not far from the opposition of the Moon and Mercury (his Ruler) in President Johnson's horoscope, so he may have further health difficulties. The fact that Jupiter conjoins his l0th house Pluto denotes increased personal prestige and a much better Press. His popularity may be connected with the opposition of the ingress Moon to Mars in the U.S.A. horoscope, which may be interpreted as some new American initiative, possibly in the Vietnam war. At any rate the United States will be taking an almost aggressive leadership in world affairs.


     Stars Over Westminster

    Jupiter's proximity to the Mid-heaven at the last autumn ingress, as was only to be expected, brought a strong tide of confidence in the Labour government. Referring to this planet's exact square to the Sun in my last forecast I said it indicated that the Government might over-extend itself in some way. Well, there is wide support for the view that Mr Wison should have called an election to cash in on the increasing favour towards his administration shown in the opinion polls. Instead, despite an infinitesimal majority, he has chosen to soldier on, and now the pundits are talking about a spring election.


    I don't beieve that the moment when a Prime Minister decides to go to the country is necessarily always part of the astrological order of events, so the fact that the heavens do not appear to contain any sign of an early election may not be significant. What can be said, however, is that Mr Wilson will encounter severe difficulties around August. Two directions by the degree system formed at that time (Sun square Mars, Neptune opposition Sun) suggests that he may then be in the middle of a very sticky patch. These aspects conjure up a picture of a man struggling as the ground beneath his feet begin to crumble. Mars at the Cancer ingress (to which reference has been made in connection with possible strikes) falls on Mr Wilson's Moon, and the duodenary aspect Mars opposition Moon matures at the same time.


    Assuming (a) that he is still in power, and (b) that the indications refer to events in public rather than private life, we may point to this as a testing period for Mr Wilson, although there is some comfort in the closeness of the Cancer ingress Jupiter to the U.K. Mid-heaven and to his birth Saturn. He may be prompted to call an election in the autumn, but Saturn opposing the Mid-heaven at the Libra ingress will almost certainly cause a slump in the government's stock later in the year, and the astrologer would have doubts about the wisdom of such a step. The change in the Conservative leadership can have come as no surprise to students of climacteric periods. Sir Alec resigned on the 21st (7x3) day of his 63rd (7x9) year, 7x40 days after the General election when he led his party to defeat. Of course the 63rd year is the Grand Climacteric of medieval astrology, and it often marks a turning point. For instance, R. A. Butler quit politics in his 63rd year, after 7x5 years of service to his Party. The Lesser Climacteric was the 49th year, and it is worth recording that the crisis in the leadership came in Mr Maudling's 49th year, and that Mr Heath, the successful contender, was but a few days past his 49th birthday.


     I have observed that when people whose destinies are interwoven reach a seven year at the same time, important events often occur. When President Kennedy was assassinated his wife was in her 35th year and his successor in his 56th year.


    The leadership switch was faithfully reflected in the last Cancer ingress, when the Moon fell on Sir Alec's birth Jupiter in Pisces (a sign which has much to do with retirement), and opposite Mr Heath's Mars in Virgo. Ingress Venus fell on Mr Heath's birth Sun, whereas Mr Maudling's Sun received a conjunction of Saturn. Note that Saturn falling on a person's Sun is more likely to bring a setback than (as sometimes happens with Saturn) increased responsibility: such conjunctions occurred at the ingresses preceding Mr Profumo's disgrace and Richard Nixon's defeat for the presidency.


    Mr Maudling enjoyed a progressed Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, but this seemed more connected with lucrative appointments in the City.


    Tough and Tenacious Ted

    There seems to be some confusion about the time of birth of the new Conservative leader. Mr Heath has said that he does not know his time of birth, but The Daily Express has given it at 11: 55 p.m. (9 July 1916), which provides an Aries Ascendant. Aries, with Jupiter in Taurus in the 1st house, would certainly be appropriate, and we may be able to confirm this Ascendant by events.

     Meanwhile it may be said that Sun conjunction Saturn in Cancer, while not exactly progressive, shows decided constructive ability and a shrewd, hard-headed approach. Sun in Cancer produces a tough breed of men, and if he has Moon in Scorpio as well (depending on the birth time) he will be a formidable opponent. Cancer's bump of 'home and family' is usually well pronounced, and it was interesting to hear Mr Heath, winding up a recent Party Political Broadcast, define the difference between the two parties thus: 'Socialism looks to the State; we look to the family'.


     His progressions are not unpromising, since in a year or so he comes under prog. Sun trine prog. Jupiter. The struggles and strife of the coming months is shown by Winter Solstice Moon Square his Mars (Virgo). If Mars is really his ruler, as it would be with an Aries Ascendant, this aspect would be correspondingly more important - and so would be the aspect Saturn opposition Mars formed at the 1966 Capricorn ingress. Mr Heath's immediate future looks a bit mixed. But one man in the Conservative hierarchy is distinctly favoured by the stars in .1966: Enoch Powell, whose Sun receives a conjunction of Jupiter at the Winter Solstice. This once-in-a-lifetime configuration cannot fail to increase his influence at Westminster. 

    (Received for publication, 10 Nov. 1965).   


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