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January 2023

Fabulous News on the Habitat Front

With utter excitement, we are happy to announce that work on the south shoreline, near Hope Creek, started late last fall. We anticipated this project beginning next year. This early start will benefit both habitat and the fishery in general.

The south shoreline project began as a discussion more than 5 years ago. Employees from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Forest Service, and Idaho Fish and Game met at that location and preliminary plans were made. The Henrys Lake Foundation quickly jumped in with their support. In the years that followed the project began taking shape with the BLM taking the lead. Thanks to their unwavering efforts, this “game changing” project has taken off.

The Henrys Lake Foundation has been involved with numerous shoreline habitat rehabilitation efforts over the years. Over three decades ago, the Targhee Creek Project stabilized a large portion of the bank near the mouth of that creek. Even today that project continues to benefit the fishery and anglers alike. Likewise, approximately a decade ago, the Henrys Lake Foundation spearheaded the Pintail Point Project. Bank stabilization there has improved the northwest corner of Henrys Lake. More recently, your foundation worked tirelessly planning, implementing and financially supporting shoreline habitat improvements stretching from Junkyard Point to Kelly Springs.

The South Shoreline/Hope Creek project may end up being the largest effort of all these projects. The Henrys Lake Foundation appreciates the efforts of all involved. We have committed to this project with our financial support. And it doesn’t go unnoticed that our partners rely on us for not only funding, but also for our input on habitat improvements.

So, what to do if you benefit from the Henrys Lake resource? If you’re an ice angler, a summertime angler, a bird watcher, or just enjoy the beauty that a healthy ecosystem provides; join the Henrys Lake Foundation. Contribute. Volunteer.

It feels terrific knowing that you help make a difference.

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