In The Loop-Monthly Musings from Henrys Lake Foundation
June 2021
What Lies Beneath?

No, not the supernatural horror thriller, starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, rather, the unknown, the unfamiliarity, the suspense of what is instore for the new angling year on the hallowed waters of Henry’s Lake.

Although not a single fly has been tossed in 2021, we can be assured that through the dedicated work of our stewards of the lake, that fish counts are up, and another incredibly successful year of stripping and fertilizing eggs is in the books.
Jen Vincent, Lake Biologist and our famed friend and former Henrys Lake Habitat Biologist, and current VP of the Henrys Lake Foundation, Damon Keen, looking very much the part of Michelle and Harrison, recently shared presentations at the Snake River Cutthroats meeting. It was riveting to say the least, award worthy at best! All indications are that we can expect many smiling anglers this upcoming season.
The data shows excellent numbers of fish that lie beneath, waiting for those first Purple Showstoppers, Stormy Daniel Nymphs, Mini-squirrel tail leeches, Wooly Buggers & Deep Water Damsels. 

It is a time of renewal, reflection, and rejuvenation as we set out to take delight on this incredible fishery. As fish counts increase so do the numbers of people that will be out on the water. Take a deep breath, not everyone on the water may be as perfect as you, be kind to those that don’t show kindness, lend a hand to those who might be in need of a little help.

As the future comes upon us, and as our minds wander back to the memories of 2021 on Henrys Lake, let’s do our collective part in improving everyone’s joyous recollections and reminisce of the quality time we spent with friends and family and the big one that got away.

Tight lines,
Kevin Skenandore
Henrys Lake Foundation, Board Member
Henrys Lake Guide Service