In The Loop-Monthly Musings from Henrys Lake Foundation
May 2021
My Personal Inspiration for Joining the Henrys Lake Foundation

Picture this: It’s freezing cold. It is the first week that the flight from Salt Lake is flying into West. It’s a Friday night and two passengers are flying in on the last flight before the weekend to go to their beloved homes in Island Park, Idaho. Both are Tech Execs dressed like would be fishermen and are clearly fried. They meet, commiserate over a refreshment and shared burnout and talk about how much they love the Lake. It is their respite from the insane Silicon Valley hustle bustle.

Well, fast forward from that fateful evening. We are now two lifelong friends with so many shared values and adventures. Who are these yahoos – Richard Hodge (me) and an amazing leader, activist and human being Phil Barker. Phil was an executive at SalesForce on that fateful flight we shared. And our shared past and passions created a new future for us both. We traveled together, we laughed together, we fished together (of course) and together we gave of ourselves to our special community and cause.

He wooed me into the Foundation. He inspired me to give and care. And he led us all into the ability to create so many projects and partnerships that we are all still feeling the benefit from.

The reason I’m the President of the Henrys Lake Foundation is clearly wanting to support what I’ve seen as the most committed, productive and powerful leader we have ever had. Phil inspired me to pick up where he had to leave off. Phil is still on our Board. He is still a contributing member of our community. Even with the challenging health issues he and his lovely colleague sweetheart Katie have faced these past years, we still get to share Idahome with him during the summer.

All who love the idea and reality of our special lake owe him a big dose of gratitude. We salute you my friend. We hope providence enables you and Katie to find all the joy you can in the lake you two have done so much for.

Thanks for the inspiration. And here’s to another summer at the lake. 

Richard Hodge
Henrys Lake Foundation