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February 2021

Blame it all on Steve Snipper

After moving to Los Angeles from Cambridge, Massachusetts, I joined the Wilderness Fly Fishers of Santa Monica.
The club was named after the shop run by Cliff Wyatt whose mother was Jane Wyatt the actress & one-time wife of Ronald Reagan. I was president of the club in 1985. It was a wonderful group of people and pivotal in my life.

Along with Henry Low and Steve Snipper, I was flown to West Yellowstone in the Piper Cub owned and piloted by Laird Stabler. It was a dicey flight as the rubber gas tank in the plane’s wing collapsed.

We fished the Madison River at the Uline Bench.

I got hooked and have been coming back for almost 50 years now- although I’m only 39 years old.

I got hooked again a few years ago upon buying a house on Henrys Lake when Steve introduced me to Henrys Lake fishing about which I have lots to learn.

As I did learn quickly, though, this resource needs vigilant protection and care.  This is why I joined the Henrys Lake Foundation board to make a contribution and pay back to the places that I hold so dear.

I was born in Atlanta Georgia.  As a kid I was constantly on small creeks that had more poisonous water moccasins than fish, but I loved every moment. There were a few bass along the way, but mostly catfish.

For me, fishing has been a huge part of my life since I was 10 years old. Along the way, I got hooked on a form of drugs know as large fish or steelhead-very dangerous! So, Henrys Lake is now my narcotic of choice with its monster large fish-at times, I hope.

Oh yes, between fishing trips, I was a doctor practicing internal medicine and cardiology in Santa Monica.

My first solo experience on the Henrys Lake was when I took out my boat for the first time. I didn’t catch any fish but did manage to fill my engine with sand and had to be towed in. It was not fun.

This last summer I learned a little more about the lake and am beginning to better understand its mysteries and beauty.

I am pleased to be on the Foundation and ready to do my best to protect and improve the lake. It was a magical experience for me to hook my first big fish this last summer.

The Board is composed of dedicated members who share the love of Henrys Lake. They are great company to be with and I feel that the people of the lake are so fortunate to have this organization. I appreciate the privilege of now having the opportunity to serve the Henrys Lake Foundation.

Charles Friedman

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