Instilling a Love of Reading:
A New Program at Rome Pines for Resident Children
Our resident services team recently partnered with Spread the Word Nevada, a local nonprofit dedicated to advancing early childhood literacy by placing books in the homes of low-income and at-risk children. The organization donated books to start a reading pilot program at two of our family communities, including Rome Pines, our brand-new property in North Las Vegas. The goal? Have an adult read to the children and slowly transition to the children reading to one another.

Veronica, a resident services coordinator with Nevada HAND, said, “The first time I sat down to read to the children, they immediately wanted to take over. After a month, we have several teens reading to younger children, and also helping the children read aloud to the group.”
Welcome Back to the UNLV School of Nursing

Silver Sky and Silver Sky at Deer Springs Assisted Living were pleased to welcome back UNLV School of Nursing students for their clinical site rotation as part of their Nursing Care in Old Adults course. Students were on site throughout January.

The partnership provided students with the chance to interact directly with senior residents and gave our residents the opportunity to have additional health resources, as well as interaction with the students.

We are proud to collaborate with UNLV for this important partnership that helps our residents live well.
Flamingo Pines Grand Opening:
See the Photos!
Last month, we welcomed friends, community partners, elected officials, and other special guests to the grand opening of the first phase of Flamingo Pines, our brand-new independent senior community. We were proud to hear from Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones, representatives from Congressional offices, one of our residents, and others as part of the celebration.
Rome Pines Phase 2 : Underway!

The second phase of Rome Pines, our newest family community in North Las Vegas, is under development! All 176 units of the first phase are leased, with residents enjoying the community's amenities and taking part in Resident Services activities!
With Your Help, "More Than A Home" is Possible

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to live well, and a stable home is the foundation that makes that possible. Every day, 7,400 low-income seniors, adults, and children come home to Nevada HAND where they have an affordable apartment with access to the support needed to thrive. We look forward to bringing even greater opportunities to our communities in 2020, but we need your help.

Nevada HAND leans on supporters like you to make a difference in the lives of our residents. Your donation means low-income seniors and families in Southern Nevada will succeed. Help make a difference today!
News That Hits Home

"The bottom line is everyone in the affordable housing equation benefits from its creation and preservation. This includes those looking for homes they can afford, the local businesses that serve them, and the investment and development teams that provide the housing that helps keep a community vibrant and prosperous."

Source: Forbes