HAVING 80+ALBUMS TO HER CREDIT JANANIY - as a Composer/Music Producer/Arranger & Singer-Songwriter, cover diverse musical genres; my musical repertoire exhibits an array of contrary musical styles such Carnatic Classical Vocal/Keyboard, Fusion, New Age, Pop, Symphony, World, Electronic & Country. Here are some of her works:

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ON THE EVE OF INTERNATIONAL AND WORLD MUSIC DAY 2023, I composed & produced the song “Yoga Dhinathai Anusaripome (Yoga Day)" & was released at the event organised by BrahmaKumaris. Composed based on the Indian Classical Raga Yaman. The arrangements & the music production style literally blend the plethora of Indian Percussions, Pop elements, shades of Jazz & Indian Swaras combined with instruments such as Sitar, Tabla & Dholak that is in coherence with the Kathak Dance. Magnificently sung by legend D. Srinivas & S. J. Jananiy. The lyrics are wonderfully written by Niranjan Bharathi.

My SONG “NARI SHAKTI”, that is Nominated by Hollywood Independent Music Awards (HIMA 2023), Hollywood, California, USA, in the producer/Production Category, is beautifully rendered by S. J. Jananiy, whose voice mesmerises the listeners for strongly emphasizing the significance & various attributes of Women-Power such as “she is a powerhouse”, “an epitome of love and compassion”, “one who integrates the world, the vital force of the universe”, quote in Sanskrit “Yatr naaryastu poojyante, ramante tatr devtaa” from Vedas which means where women are respected and worshipped, God resides there. This emotive Indian Pop track, which is in Raag Darbari is a combination of Indian melodies & Rhythm Instruments with Pop elements.



MY SONGS SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF GLOBAL PEACE, Motivation/Inspiration, Oneness amongst Mankind, Love All Serve All. I found my love for music at a very young age. My uncle, who is also a musician, recognized my talent and nurtured it. I gave my first performance at the age of five and was trained in the Indian classical art form, Carnatic music. I was awarded the national award for educational classical music from the government of India when I was seven.

At the age of nine, I worked on my next album, a pop album in Tamil language, where I got the opportunity to work with legends like SP Balasubrahmanyam. I have performed Carnatic classical concerts all over India and started composing when I was 11 or 12 years old. My uncle supported me in my composing and production endeavors. Overall, I have had a diverse musical journey exploring various genres, and I am always striving to grow and improve my craft.



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