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Duffy staff members' days are full of interactions with our patients - some positive, some challenging. Often, staff don't realize how much of an impact their small acts of compassion and kindness have on those we serve. Lucky for us, Case Manager Cathy Finn collects stories from around Duffy and shares them with staff. Here are a few recent highlights from patients, in their own words. 
Cover of card received from a former patient.
"I don't have to be sick any more!"

We recently received a thank you note from a former patient that read: 

To the entire staff at Duffy, an Awesome Team,

You're the best!
Thank you so much!!! I am so grateful I don't have to be sick any more!!! I appreciate all of you for walking through every step of the way [with me]. I now grow all my own organic food plus much more to help the poor and elderly, and I raise my own animals on my beautiful farm with my wife and dog.

Hepatitis C (I beat you)
Homelessness (I beat you)
"This is the best thing I've done for myself." 

In our integrated approach to health care, Duffy is one of few health centers that recognizes the importance of spiritual care  as a complement to medical and mental health care. 

Our spiritual care provider has started mindfulness and meditation groups designed to help clients with feelings of anxiety.  A woman in one of the groups recently stated, "This is the best thing that I've done for myself.  Two of my health issues have gotten better because I have learned how to breathe."  

She describes situations that would have been very triggering for her, but rather than falling into old habits with her reaction, she removed herself from the situation and took several deep breaths, reducing her reactivity and giving her a sense of control. She states that she feels so much more energized and peaceful, after only 3 weeks!

Want to learn more about the spiritual care program at Duffy? Listen to this  podcast episode featuring our spiritual care provider. We discuss  the concept of medical care, which seeks to cure, integrated with spiritual care, which seeks to heal.

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