Building A 21st Century Virginia GOP
Dear Virginia Project Friends and Supporters,

For too long, Republicans in Virginia have been losing winnable campaigns, even those in which we should have the advantage. Virginia is a Republican state, but the Democrats have come to control it completely through relentless organization and activism supported by substantial outside investment.

Virginia's GOP will not get this outside investment.

The RNC has abandoned us; in 2020 they could not even bring themselves to mention our Senate candidate in a race that was winnable. We are nothing but a milk cow to them and they return to us nothing. Likewise, no big money savior is going to step in and save us. It's been a long time waiting and such a savior has not appeared - nor does one look likely to appear.

If we are to reclaim freedom from the Democrat tyranny over the Commonwealth, Virginians must stand up on our own.
Were this not daunting enough, the state party itself has been divided and weakened over many years and has failed to execute on basic political fundamentals. While new motivation and ideas have recently begun to turn the ship around, it is many years and many millions behind its Democrat counterpart and has a long, long way to go to achieve parity.



The Virginia Project was created in November 2019 to provide Republicans in the state with the same support services that all Democrats enjoy as a matter of course - training, education, volunteer pipeline, campaign support, tech support, messaging support, and much, much more. Rather than focusing on a particular campaign, we focus on creating a rising tide for the GOP as a whole.

We're specifically and exclusively focused on Virginia - because let's be honest with ourselves, Virginia is where the problem is - and where the solution is needed.

The Virginia Democrat Party has become an abomination controlled by the most radical and corrupt elements - anarchists, Communists, thugs and crooks. The Virginia Project is an engineering solution to the threat posed by Democrat control of the state - an algorithm that, as long as it keeps running, will inevitably and relentlessly end the viability of that party not just for the near term but to forever end the threat.

It is our opinion that the Virginia Democrat Party has embraced such a crazy and dangerous agenda that it has forfeited any moral right to exist.

The Virginia Project consists of a support system and a set of program areas. The support system includes communications, networking, anti-Democrat messaging, IT support and volunteer pipelines. Our program areas draw on this support to provide services to candidates, unit committees, other GOP-side PACs, and local organizations.

Here's what we're doing right now:
Election Integrity
Our investigations have uncovered numerous irregularities and illegalities that have opened dozens of lines of investigation, the most significant of which are our due diligence sampling of voter rolls, which revealed that state law was not followed in the maintenance of these rolls, and 15% of our sample failed change-of-address and de-duplication checks - very basic list maintenance required by law. With the assistance of our investigation, the RPV has been able to successfully force the state to initiate this cleanup before the 2021 election.

This cleanup is presently under way.

Due to the large amount of data and information we collected, it was necessary and desirable to bring aboard staff this month a new Director for Election Integrity, whose responsibilities include the completion of our audit (scheduled for the end of April) and the implementation and coordination of election anti-fraud defenses. If you have a particular interest in this program, please email Election Integrity at
Recruiting Candidates
In 2019 a quarter of Virginia voters had no Republican candidate on the ballot to vote for, which encumbered the party with many strategic disadvantages. We are ensuring that this will not be the case in 2021.

Our obligation, as stated explicitly in our Mission Statement, is to put a GOP candidate on the ballot for every partisan election in the state. We have set up the Election Tracker to keep tabs on which districts do and do not have candidates; we have set up a statewide network of party committees, leaders, and activists to do a broad candidate search for every district which lacks a candidate for its Delegate race. At the current pace of recruitment we expect virtually all districts will have a solid Republican candidate within the next two weeks.

Not only does this honor our commitment, but this will create a new strategic advantage for Republicans across the state. When Democrats look around the caucus room and realize that every last one of them has a challenger and none will have a completely free hand to help the other, but have to secure his own backyard first instead, they will understand that we're not playing around any longer and they've got the fight of their political lives on their hands. And not just this year; every year - a permanent fixture of their new reality.

If you are a potential candidate for a district that presently has none - contact us. We'll get you training, advice from people with experience, volunteers, and whatever else we can do to get you going.
Raising Volunteers
The amount of work to be done is mountainous. While we don't have the sugar daddy big money donors the Democrats do, what we do have is a motivated activist base. Our support system directs this motivated energy to where it's needed, whether it is with one of our own programs, with the party units, with campaigns, or with other support organizations. This gives us the ability to direct resources on the statewide level - why, after all, should we not harness our people in our strongholds to help win the battlegrounds? The more we relentlessly connect volunteers with those who need them, the more advantage we can produce from the efforts of the people.

There is a big demand right now for election workers and poll observers across the state. Please sign up with our volunteer form if you can do this or some other service to advance the overall cause. If you don't know precisely what you want to do, just tell us what you can do, and we will find the best possible use for your time and talents.
Supporting Open Schools
Because we are a partisan PAC, we are not the ideal vehicle for directly dealing with the malfeasance of nonpartisan elected officials such as school board members. But because this is a screaming need that any decent person would have to respond to, we are doing all we can to support the Open Schools movement, helping them to connect their network, apply pressure to decision makers, spread their message, and work out solutions to this Democrat-aligned bureaucrat-induced crisis.
Confronting Ideological Subversion
Our enemy has in their ranks many committed ideologues who relentlessly infiltrate and subvert institutions to serve their own ends; this is reflected in corporations, government agencies, and ostensibly nonpartisan institutions alike all parroting far-left Democrat narratives.

The Virginia Project has compiled in its research database over 1300 entries of all the crazy and dangerous things that Democrats do. This is an ample and steadily growing supply of information-ammunition for everyone who is messaging against any aspect of cultural Marxism, such as "Critical Race Theory", transsexualism, struggle sessions, and other present-day manifestations of the Maoist movement that has taken over the Democrat Party.

We will soon be hosting seminars on various such topics. Our first will be on Critical Race Theory and its impact on Loudoun County Schools, on Wednesday, March 3, at 7 pm. Register here.

If you would like to participate in our efforts to uncover , please contact our Program on Un-American Activities at
Censorship-Free Web Hosting
Our new web platform has arrived! We offer free hosting, SSL and DNS configuration in perpetuity to everyone in our network - units, campaigns, aligned organizations, activists, bloggers, you name it, on our new enterprise-quality, censorship-resistant platform.

Our PCI-compliant platform boasts advanced network defenses and security, regular backups and redundancy, and professional technical support. We can also connect you to appropriate parties for developing your site if you lack them.
One by one, The Virginia Project is bringing the pieces together to produce a modern, high-performance party infrastructure that no longer disappoints its base time after time, but instead has the tools to compete and win, year after year.

Our per-dollar productivity and delivery of real-world impact can stand toe-to-toe with anyone. There's no better investment you can make to protect your home, your family, your business and your liberty than a contribution to the Virginia Project.

Our sole source of support is you.

If you agree that we are getting the job done and that the path we have charted is the best, quickest path to freedom, please help us and contribute to the funding of these programs and the development of additional programs in accordance with our mission.
Right now The Virginia Project is in the fight for the soul of Virginia, and we need your help. We ask that you consider donating, as we work toward victory in Virginia.

Thank you for being with us in this fight! We've got your back.

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