February 2017 Newsletter

   Manners Monday - The Trump Pump & How to Properly Handshake
Some experts say it's the hands - not the eyes - that are the window into one's soul.  They believe that the hands provide the greatest insight into a person's true character. President Trump's hands have been in the spotlight since last spring when Governor Rubio questioned their size and claimed they appeared rather small for a man of his stature. Read more
Should You Friend a Hookup on Facebook?
From time to time, I am asked to comment on an article that normally would never be part of my typical instruction. When Bustle asked me to lend my expertise on the etiquette of Facebook and hookups, I couldn't resist even though I haven't had a hookup since I married my husband almost 20 years ago. Read  more
   The Hollywood Reporter - Nanny Etiquette at Festivals
The Sundance Festival has come and gone, but the etiquette on how to travel with your nanny and create a positive and harmonious relationship are timeless. Read more.  If you are interested in learning about our customized trainings for your nanny, call 310.276.9078 or contact us at
   Getting Married?
Our Happily Ever After - Nuptials Etiquette customized program for brides and grooms to-be will ensure your wedding is a magical event filled with warmth, love, and gratitude. Call 310.276.9078 or email info@beverlyhillsmanners.com to obtain more information.

What a year it's been, thus far! Our 45th President was sworn in to a firestorm of furious reaction. Citizens are splintered into two very opposing camps. Articles ranging from "The Age of Rudeness" and "The Culture of Nastiness" to "This Century is Broken," are making headlines daily.  And, if you ask Joe Schmoe on the street for their opinion, they'll probably say, "We're all going to hell in a hand basket!"

Almost two months into twenty-seventeen, and there's a ton of turmoil everywhere you turn.  Violence is a threat both in our Homeland and all over the world. Everyone is quick to place blame taking to town halls and on social media to voice their opinion, but few are willing to turn the mirror on themselves.  This has to change.  And, this is where MANNERS come in to play.

If we are going to have any hope of returning to a more civilized and safe environment, each individual must take a hard look at themselves. We have to stop forcing our opinions down other people's throats (you're not going to convince them!) and just learn to rise above the fray and walk away. 

Rather than jump on the bandwagon, start being a better role model for you, your children, and your community.  Find small, yet meaningful ways to make a difference. Hold a door open, slow down your pace, be tolerant, say a simple hello, use the magic words, and don't forget to smile. Start with the wo(man) in the mirror and let's make that change together.

Warmest wishes! 
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