November 13, 2019

Friends and fellow disciples,
My goodness, it is cold outside! As fall settles in, we begin to glimpse the holidays. Soon it will be the celebration of Christ the King Sunday, the final Sunday in the church year. Then Thanksgiving comes along, as many travel and gather around tables with family. We do so in gratitude, but also keenly aware of the complexity of family relationships, and the grief that often strikes over the holidays. As you prepare for your own holiday celebrations, I encourage you to be mindful of those who are grieving loved ones - in the past year or much longer ago. Please pay careful attention to each other. 

After Christ the King Sunday and Thanksgiving, we'll move into Advent, with many opportunities for worship and service and welcoming new staff. This is going to be a wonderful season together. There are a bunch of things below you'll enjoy and that will enrich your faith. I especially want to note the Aperture conversation with Ray Barfield on November 20. He is a gifted person, and this is something you won't want to miss.
Let me also add a word of gratitude to all of you who have turned in a pledge to support Westminster next year. Thank you so very, very much.
Peace to you all, friends.