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Mission Statement:


The purpose of RMCC is to reach out and invite people in; care for and equip to grow; empower and send forth to be the hands, heart, feet, and soul of Jesus. Re: Luke 6:47-48a


Vision Statement:


We envision a church that builds:


Relationships through embracing, accepting, and celebrating diversity as we travel life's journey.~James 2.1-26; 1 Sam 16.7; Romans 2.11; Romans 10.12-13


Ministers through worship, prayer, faith, and service. 

~Psalm 100.2; Philippians 4.6; Hebrews 1.3; 1 Peter 4.10-11


Communication and celebrates the Good News of God's acceptance, love, and hope by all, for all people. ~John 3.16; Romans 8.38-39; Lamentations 3.19-27


Connection through hope, love, and outreach ~1 Peter 4.8; Mark 16.15


Good stewards of our time, talent, and treasure. ~ Luke 12.34; Ephesians 5.15-16; 1 Peter 4.10


Responsible advocates for social justice, equality, and the environment. ~Psalms 24.1; Isaiah 61.1; Psalm 24.1



Pastor Steph - Moderator

Dana McCoy - Vice Moderator

Judy Hakala - Clerk

Bev Timpy - Treasurer

Lisa Pierce - Member at                          Large

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Excerpt from caringbridge journal updated Jun 9, 2013 

"Many people have watched our journey, prayed for us, and supported us during this crazy year. We have learned a lot, and we hope you have benefited and learned vicariously from our experience. When Colin was first diagnosed, one acquaintance told me that leukemia treatment is time consuming. Because I knew so little about the disease, that struck me as an odd comment, but now I know it is absolutely true. Colin's intense chemotherapy phase will take 18 months instead of the usual 9 months, and then he'll have 2 1/2 years of maintenance treatment after that. It feels like a marathon with a finish line that keeps moving farther away. And now that all the boys are at home, it's even trickier to deal with an unpredictable weekly treatment schedule. If Colin doesn't need a blood transfusion, a clinic visit takes a few hours, but if he does need blood, it's a full day at the hospital.
If you would like to help us this summer in a tangible ways, there are few options. You can donate to the "Bradley Boys" account at Lake Michigan Credit Union to help pay for babysitters, camps, meals at the hospital, and celebrations of Colin's milestones. We also appreciate gift cards for take-out food and gas (which now costs $4.25 a gallon!). We haven't had a schedule for bringing meals since Colin was first diagnosed, but meals would be helpful on Tuesdays and Fridays when we go to Clinic. And finally, we need help with Aidan & Keegan while Colin & I are at the hospital and Dave is working. 
Thanks for reading yet another long-winded and long overdue update. We appreciate you! Please keep those prayers coming, we'll need God's help and human help to get through this summer. Thank you!"




As we approach our General Conference in just a few weeks in Chicago, the Office of Church Life and Health (OCLH) is excited to provide you with the newest updates about our Networks all over the world. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING 





Mobile Food Pantry will be hosted by Aberdeen Reformed Church in the parkin glot of Aberdeen School (Aberdeen at Dianmond NE) on Thursdays, June 20 and Aug. 15, 2013, starting at 6pm Please bring a box or basket in which to carry your items. You are required to sign in, but there is no restriction on income or residence for this ministry.






RMCC's Lay Delegate, Janet Beck will soon host a forum to get your direction on how to vote at MCC's General Conference business meeting. In order to wrap your mind around the topics to be discussed at the business meeting, you may watch upcoming webinars. For more information click here


Click here to download business packets.





Sunday School: We are looking for dedicated individuals to teach and share with our children in Sunday school using our easy to use Sunday School Curriculum. Children's Sunday school meets weekly with the exception of the first Sundays of each month when children, teachers and assistants are encouraged to worship with their families.


Classroom Assistants for Sunday School are also needed to serve as support for teachers and a loving presence for children.

 Consider teaching Sunday school, or being a classroom assistant. In whatever way you are called to serve, please prayerfully consider sharing your time and talents with the amazing children of RMCC. Contact Janet Beck for more information.


PRIDE (June 15, 2013): We are excited about the upcoming 2013 West Michigan PRIDE Celebration. Help is needed is needed in setting up and taking down of our booth as well as staffing our booth. What a great opportunity to reach others in spreading God's joy and love. Contact Nathan Bauer or Dana McCoy, or for more information. 





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